Tuesday, April 9, 2013

One Month Later

Well we've been moved in a month now and I know some of you have been waiting for pictures.  I have had some problems trying to upload them.  Me and computers, we just don't understand each other, lol.  Anyway, here's some pictures from our new home, in no particular order.  I got them uploaded so I don't want to jinx anything by moving them around.  I will make sure you know what they all are. 
This is a fox squirrel.  We have 6 of them that hang around.  Molly loves to chase them.  There is a tree stump at the bottom of this tree that our landlady said she put her peelings for the wildlife.  Well I put out peelings, salad fixings, old bread.  We get all kinds of birds and the fox squirrels.  This one is eating an apple I put out there.  Isn't he beautiful?!

This is at the "Gathering Place" as I like to call it.  Hubby built me a table for our breakfast nook and refinished some chairs to go with it.  It is now in the house and being used all the time.  This was the best place to take a photo.
This picture is of a cow and her baby.  The man who owns the property across the road from us has cows.  I can see them from my kitchen window, dining room window, breakfast nook and front porch.  I am so blessed with beautiful sights.

This is one of our sunsets.  Beautiful pink.  This dead tree is in the neighbors yard.  We call it the bird tree because it looks like a bird at the top.

Hard to get this picture, but we have these flying this low over the house constantly day and night.  But what an awesome sight this is too.  Some days they take off over the top of us and some days they land.  Guess it depends on the wind/weather.  We are only minutes away from the Orlando International Airport. 

One of the horses on our property.  Don't know her name but Hut calls her Trigger.  She loves to run.  I have video of her running but can't seem to get it uploaded.

I know you've seen this before but I took this picture.  It's the house coming in from the road.  I took it from the end of our driveway.  Home Sweet Home!

Another shot of Trigger.  Isn't she just beautiful?!

The property behind us is restricted so they can't build on it.  But they can let cattle graze.  So this is our view from the Florida Room and back yard.  Like I said earlier, I am blessed with some beautiful sights.

These are two other horses we have on our property.  Hut has named them too, since we don't know their names.  He calls them Buffy and Jody, lol.

This is Sonny.  Yep, that's his real name.  We had thought his name was Sandy but found out his name is really Sonny.  Molly hangs with him when she's not chasing fox squirrels.  They've become best friends.

Not a great shot, but this is from the barn looking at the back of the house.  It's all Florida Room.  And you can see we haven't put up the swingset for the girls yet.  Hopefully soon, like before they graduate from college.  To the left is the Gathering Place.  It's a side patio with tons of seats and tables so everyone can gather there.  My fave place.

We have a neighbor that is a stone's throw away from us.  This is one of his horses, Andy.  His pasture is right next to Sonny's. 

Our next door neighbor also has a Brahma bull that he's raising. 

These are a couple more of the neighbors horses.  Don't know their names.  Such beauty.

I zoomed the camera for this shot.  Across the road where the cows graze is this beautiful guest house.  There is a man-made small lake with an island in the middle, but this sits on the other side of the lake.  We are told that maybe once a year it gets used. 

The front porch.  I call this the "Serene Place".  Only one chair, a rocking chair.  I like sitting out there and watching Mother Nature and thinking and praying, talking to God.

This birdhouse greets our guests when they come in the front door.  It is a Roll Tide Alabama birdhouse our good friend Kevin made for us.  We just love it and this spot on the porch is the perfect place for it.

I'm not a farmer but I'm learning things as I go.  This is a donkey that is out in the pasture with the cows.  We were told that donkeys will keep coyotes away from the cows.  And we do have coyotes and foxes around here.  Foxes eat chickens so no one around here has chickens.  A cow pasture down the street has a goat with the cows.  I think for the same reason as the donkey.

Molly and Bailey way out in the front yard playing. 
This is the name of one of the ranches as you drive into town.  I got such a good laugh out of this.  My kids, who have lived out here for awhile, never noticed the name.  I love that the "S" is a $.
I hope you enjoyed these pictures.  You better believe I will be posting more. 

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Granny Annie said...

Everything is lovely. I am jealous of your little outside eating area.