Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bake Sale for the Troops

Great Patriotic Sugar cookies!
Yummy Brownie cupcakes.

Today's post was going to be about the wonderful walking trail the City of Winter Haven has. Instead, I'm going to pull a "Missy" and show food. I work for a security company at State Farm Insurance in Winter Haven, FL. State Farm is so committed to helping others especially in the community that I want everyone to know who they are. Today they had a bake sale to raise money so they could send boxes of donated items to the troops overseas. Of course I have no pics of that but I do have pics of all the yummies I bought. They had 3 cakes and 3 tins of Chocolate Chip cookies that you could bid on. I bid on a Coconut Cake, an Orange Creamsicle Cake and a tin of cookies. I was out bid on the Coconut cake (which went for $40), but I did get the Creamsicle Cake and a tin of cookies for the amazingly low price of $10 each. They also had prepackaged sets of cookies, cupcakes, brownies,rice krispie treats, slices of cake. These all went for whatever you wished to donate. I, of course, bought 3 packages of star shaped sugar cookies and some brownie cupcakes. I donated another $10 for that. I'm sure some of you think that might be alot, but it was for a GREAT cause. Plus I will be collecting some items for the boxes they are going to be sending. I feel like this was such a small thing compared to what they do for us, each and every day, protecting our rights and freedom. I hope you are all drooling over the food. Tomorrow it will be back to the diet (which I will blog about soon) and some pics of that wonderful walking trail. In the meantime, eat your hearts out LOL.

Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookies. Scrumptious Orange Creamsicle Cake

(Can't wait to get into this one)

PS. Drive in pics coming soon.


Judi said...

Well it all looks good!!

Missy's Blog said...

Oh my ... Bonnie ... those desserts look soooo yummy ... and you didn't have to cook them yourself!!!

Andi said...

Does State Farm open their bake sale to the public??? I might have to drop by. Your goodies look awesome!!!

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