Sunday, June 29, 2008

Too much sun & heat

Yesterday Hut and I went yard saleing(?). We had a great time, but only lasted a couple of was too dang hot! We got some great deals. I bought a black dress, 9 tank tops (new), a denim skirt, green pair of pants (new), striped top to match pants or jeans and a brand new shirt for my husband($42 price tag still on it). I paid only $7 for it all. I was thrilled. I never get good deals like this. And to find something that fits my husband is a plus (literally, he's a big boy). My black dress (everyone needs one). It has laces down both sides. I'll probably never wear it but it was only $1.
These are 8 of my 9 tank tops (I'm wearing a gold one). I love tanks and believe me as hot as it's been I'm glad I found them. Only $2.
My striped shirt, green pants and denim skirt. The shirt has a green stripe in it that is the same shade as the pants. I don't know why I bought these either, I never go anywhere where I need to dress up. Only $2 for the lot.
Disney Hawaiin shirt. Price tag on it was $42, we got it for $2. Best bargain of the day. Can't tell I was proud of my finds, can you LOL.

We also went to a local celebration in Eagle Lake which is the next town over. Except for the HUGE hotdogs they sold, it really wasn't anything to brag about. They had a few vendors selling wares, most food vendors though. I did buy some crocheted dish cloths (I absolutely love those), 2 sets of necklaces and earrings (handpainted) and some ties for my hair(1 pirate and 1 red,white,blue). My husband bought a confederate flag, but this was the original confederate flag, not the one everyone see's and has a fit about. This original one we actually learned about when we went to St. Augustine. We had actually bought a small version of this while we were there, but in Eagle Lake they had big size to hang outside the house.
This is what the original Confederate flag looks like. I wonder how many people know that. All in all it was a good morning, but couldn't wait to get out of the heat.


*Jilly* said...

You got the deal of the century:)
That is awesome!

My husband wears a 2X..not an easy find either.

Missy's Blog said...

Wow ... you found some GREAT deals there!

I like tank tops too ... I just won't pay $8 a piece for them ... finding them for $2 was a great bargain!!

I love the shirt you guys found for Jerome ... it will be cute on him.

Are you going to the 4th celebration in Winter Haven? It's on the 3rd right? If sooooo ... have fun!!