Friday, July 18, 2008

Diabetes Walk

You guys are going to get tired of seeing this and hearing me harp on it, but it's a great cause and as you know, close to my heart as I am diabetic. I have some good news in that department. I have found a wonderful doctor who specializes in treating diabetes. He has prescribed new medications to help me keep my diabetes under control. A diabetic reading for me should be between 90 and 120. Well my has been right around 250 for over a year and that is not good as it can cause some long term affects to my kidneys, eye sight and other organs. Well after just 2 days on the new meds, my sugar tonight was 155. Yesterday at the same time is was 250. This morning before breakfast it was 169. Usually the morning reading is high because you aren't doing anything to get the insulin working. Anyway, I know this is probably boring for you, but I am very excited. Now I just need to be real adamant about watching what I eat and getting exercise and that will help my sugar count go down even more and possible get me off meds.
Now, the real reason for my post. My team for a Diabetic Walk in October has a $500 goal. My team members have made some donations, plus my cousin Jimmy, who I just found out is diabetic made a donation. We are now at 47% of our goal. We are at $235. I am so excited. We still have 2 1/2 months to go. I am hoping to blow our goal out of the water. I appreciate all the support I get. I am just so excited to be as far along as we are. I honestly didn't think we'd even get this close.
Andi Brannon is a fellow blogger who also has a walk in October. Her's is for the American Heart Association. That is also a cause close to my heart as my wonderful husband had a heart attack back in 2005. So please, check out Andi's teampage for her walk.
Please Click Here to show your support for Andi's effort.
Another cause I am big on is Breast Cancer Awareness and Research. I know you all have notice the Save the Tata's logo on my blog. If you click on it, it will take you to a website that will definitely get your attention for Breast Cancer. Some people are offended by the Tata word, but I think it is a whimsical way to make people aware because it most certainly gets their attention. A percentage of the sale of items from this company goes towards awareness and research. So check it out if you dare.


Cecile said...

You are just a sweetie helping everybody:))
My Dad and My MIL died of heart complication so it is very dear to me too:))
Have a great night!

Missy's Blog said...

We'll never, ever get tired of hearing about a good cause.

I wish your team good luck with raising funds. When you get those bracelets in, make sure to share the link and I will put it on my blog.

Simple Man said...

You are the BOMB for supporting such a good cause. I support you 1,000,000 percent

Andi said...

Wow Bonnie!!! Thanks for the great endorsement for my Heart Walk. I really appreciate the shout out and wish you well with your Diabetes Walk.

Sounds like you've found a good doctor and that your meds are helping. Good luck with keeping your diabetes under control. I know that's never an easy thing since just about everything has sugar in it.