Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Alairah(not happy), Pop and CJ!

The miracle of all miracles happened to us last night. We finally got to see the grandbabies. Let me give a little background. My husband has a daughter, Alicia. For some reason, Alicia has nothing to do with her dad. Alicia has 2 children, Charles (CJ) and Alairah. Charles in now 7 and Alaraih is 1 1/2. We haven't seen Charles since Alairah was born and before that it had been 3 years. We've seen Alairah once since she was born and that was at her great-grandaddy's funeral. Well Susan (my husband's ex) decided it was time those children saw their Pop. The children live with her. So last night, her and her mom Sue, brought the babies over. What a thrill! Since she has the kids living with her we can now see them whenever. So plans are in the making for some overnight visits. And I have to mention that in Florida, the kids have to take an FCAT Test in certain grades. CJ scored the highest in his class. Susan is doing really good with the grandkids. I am very thrilled that my husband will be able to start spending time with them. That's all he would talk about. And I have to say that I am so glad that there is no animosity with exes in this family. We consider them all extended family. It took Susan and I awhile to get along but that was because Alicia would play us against each other. But we learned. We get along pretty good. I have always gotten along with her mom, Sue. Hut get's along with my ex for the most part, we've had some ups & downs there. But he get's along great with my ex in laws and we visit them often. I'm glad our circumstances make it possible for us to have a HUGE extended family. And that we can now spend time with our grandkids. Everyone have a wonderful day!
CJ and Pop!


Missy's Blog said...

Oh Bonnie ... this is GREAT news! I'm so glad you guys get to spend some time with the kids.

The first picture in your post is not showing up ... I'd love to see a picture of Alaira. CJ looks just like his Mom.

I know this makes both you and Jerome very, very happy! I'm so glad Sue and Susan can understand these kids need to know you guys!!

*Jilly* said...

I am so happy for you both..what a blessing to finally see them!
I can't see the pic either?

I really need to add you to my blog roll so I can visit more often:)

Bonnie said...

The picture is showing up just fine for me. Any suggestions on how to fix it so you guys can see it? I am NOT a computer whiz. Hopefully it will work itself out. SORRY :(

Andi said...

CJ is so cute...good looking boy! And how wonderful for him to score so high on his FCAT...way to go CJ!!!

Cecile said...

Wonderful news! I am smiling for you right now:)

Trina said...

That makes my heart smile. I love good news that involves children. I will pray that this was the first of many visits.