Saturday, August 30, 2008

I see this billboard everyday on my drive home from Tampa and I just think it is soooo cute. I snapped a picture yesterday on my way home driving 70 mph. I'm surprised it came out as good as it did.

Yeah it's finally the weekend and a long one to boot! No traffic for 3 whole days. Whoo Hoo! Today (Saturday) Hut and I got up and went to a few yard sales before hitting the grocery store (I hate grocery shopping). We found some good deals at the yard sales. He just moved into a private office building, meaning he is in a small building that is all his and there are no other people in it with him except his workers.(I'll have to take a picture someday to show you exactly what I mean). We found a really nice cd/radio with speakers for only $5 for his office.. Then he was wanting a headboard for his bed and we found a headboard, foot board and dressing mirror for $15. It had some flowers on it so he bought some paint so he could red0 it. (I'm sure some of you are wondering about "his" bed, I'll explain later). Plus I found some bigger clothes for really cheap. Boy did I hate buying those, but I just can't fit into my clothes anymore. I bought all shirts, would love to find some pants. Actually I would love to just fit in my own clothes. Working on it....the BIG BIKE RIDE starts Monday. I also found the cutest whimsical planter, that I call the "Chubby Chick". I paid $10 for it, but sometimes you just have to buy something you like even if it is a little steep. I am going to change the flowers that are in it because I don't like them.Isn't she just the cutest thing? Just looking at her makes me smile. You can't tell but her toe nails are painted red with white polka dots. Actually the tube around her waist is a pink flamingo (really famous here in Florida), but you can't see it for the flowers.

I had to go back and take a picture of the flamingo. Not one of my better pics, but I just love this planter.

It's a rainy nasty day here, thunder and lightening. Probably be like this all weekend. Hut and I thought about going to the movies or the mall, but may have to wait until tomorrow. Monday we were planning on going to this really awesome antiques fleamarket in Webster, but that may get rained out too. Missy wish you could go with us.

Everyone have a safe, wonderful, fun Labor Day Weekend. And Andi, get ready, get set, go.....put your fall stuff out.


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

Nice lil planter ya got there Bonnie, complete with a pink flamingo too----(sigh). Glad your out of the traffic for the long weekend. Thanks for the political supportive comments too. Tonight, the LP and I will we watching the old Movie, "The count of Monte Christo"

Rose DesRochers said...

That planter is so cute Bonnie. I want one.

Missy's Blog said...

I *love* that plant pot ... it's so cute and totally looks like something you would love too!!

Where is Jerome's new office? When in Florida I loved just being able to stop by the stadium to see him.

Cecile said...

Hey Girl!
I love the planter it kinda reminds me of my legs when I look down kinda cottage cheese-y..But oh so cute:))
I hate that you are having so much yucky weather:))Stay dry:))

Bonnie said...

I thought her legs and butt looked like mine, that's one of the reasons I think I like her so much.

Sue said...

Love the planter!! It's so cute! I hope the weather gets better for you soon.