Sunday, August 31, 2008

What a day!

Wow we are getting some nasty weather from Gustav. We all thought Fay was bad but he has her beat. Our plans for the antiques flea market are cancelled but we are going to Wade's & Christina's for a Labor Day BBQ. Wade spent today cleaning out his pool, so we could all swim in it tomorrow. His pool is enclosed so as long as there is no lightening in the area, we may go for a swim. I'm bringing potato salad, soda's, hambergers and buns and probably chips. The kids are kinda broke, but Christina has never been off on labor day and wants to do a traditional BBQ so we are more than happy to help. We spent today, between raindrops, fixing Hut's truck (his brake lights and turn signals didn't work), painting the new bed we bought him, cleaning the house and doing laundry and we went to Lowe's to price fences, because we are going to fence in the yard for the dogs. Thank goodness we only have to do one side, the other two sides are already fenced. I am pooped. And now I'm waiting for Ice Road Truckers to come on, they only have 2 shows left this season. It's gonna interfere with NASCAR, which is coming on shortly too. Good thing we have 2 tv's. Everyone have a safe, happy, wonderful Labor Day!


*Jilly* said...

I hope you all have a great time tomorrow:)

Missy's Blog said...

Wow ... you and Jerome had a really busy day!!

I hope you guys have fun at Wade & Christina's house ... and I really hope the lightning stays away so ya'll can go swimming. I wish we were in Florida so we could join you!!!

Cecile said...

Happy Happy Labor Day!!I hope that yall have fun today at Wade & Christins's house.It sounds alot better than the day here. Jeff and my brother are finishing up a job today so that they can get the last draw from it (we need the $$$)so it's just me and the boy and it's raining here but I am planning on making a good meal today:))

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

Stocked up on eatables and drinkables here---no reason to leave the castle, will just relax and enjoy the warm sunshine and have a nice quiet day.---Sounds like a nice labor day barbeque ya will be enjoying.