Saturday, October 18, 2008

Birthday, Yard Sales & Fall Fest

First of all I want to wish my good friend and fellow blogger, all round wonderful person, Cecile, a happy, happy birthday! Today she is 29 (I don't care what everyone else says).

Here is Cecile with her handsome hunk of a husband. (Missy already had the mom pic).

Here is Cole, Cecile's rockin' son. Hope you get everything you wish for and more. You deserve it.
Today we went to a couple of yard sales before we headed out to the Fall Fest at the college. We got some good deals today too. Hut got a new small entertainment center for his bedroom. The one in there is really big and doesn't match his bedroom furniture. So he's a happy camper, more room in his bedroom.

The kitties got a new toy today too. We got them this great Kitty Condo thing. They took right to it and are having a great time. We got them a smaller one too for when they are in the computer room. Our animals are not spoiled.

The fall fest was basically what I thought it would be. Alot of floral, a small amount of crafters and alot of store bought things. I did find a few things. There is a crafter there every year that does Santa ornaments and I find one every year for my tree. So I bought some things from here (sorry no pics). We also found this hideous witch for my yard (Just about the only halloween thing I didn't have in the yard). She was a good deal...only $10. When you see her you'll know why, lol.

Here she is.....didn't realize she looked like Michael Jackson until I looked at this picture. Missy, she is made just like my ghosts. She is a good addtion to my halloween yard, though.

My friend Mona is a member of La Sertoma, a group that helps kids. They sell pumpkins every year. This is my pumpkin that I bought this year. It was the only one that still had a stem. They had to remove the stems so the kids wouldn't pick them up, drop them and break them. It's a worthy cause.

This is my face. The fall fest at the college has different departments that do different fund raisers to make money. I have ALWAYS had my face painted, no matter where we go. Hut picked out the witch today. I wanted a candy corn to match my earrings, but oh well. We do an event at Christmas, where I help Santa, and I always get my face painted with Santa on it. The kids think it's great. And everyone always laughs at me, because all my kids are grown and I never have any little one's with me. I may grow old, but I'll never grow up.


Cecile said...

OMG!!!!You are one of my sweetest friends ever!!!Thanks so much Girl!! We had a very wet day but the seafood made up for that it was yummy!!!I Love ya bunches!!!

Andi said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Cecile!!! She's the best!

Love your little witch face painting Bonnie and that's a great pumpkin. I didn't make it to Fall Fest...maybe next year.

The kitties look like they're having a great time in the new condo...that's really nice for them.

Missy's Blog said...

Happy Birthday Cecile!

I wish we would have been in Florida so we could have gone to PCC with you guys!

You found some wonderful things! And I love that you still get your face painted.

-Jennifer said...

Okay so I thought of Michael Jackson immediately and then I scrolled down farther and read that you thought so too, LOL, too funny!!