Friday, October 17, 2008

What a week....

This is my wagon I got a couple of weeks ago for free at a yard sale (because it had no wheels). Well E-bay saved the day and we got wheels. I still need to paint them to match. I am going to go for the crackle paint look for them. What do you think? I absolutely love my wagon now that it has wheels.

Wow, where did the week go? I can't believe I've only blogged 2 other times this week. I can't even tell you what I did this week, that's how much of a blur it is. I did add to my Halloween yard decorations this week. So I will share some pics with you. Also bought a book about Santa's reindeer for "Santa" to read up on. You know you have to keep up with these things if you're gonna help the man in red. This weekend we are going to a costume sale held by our local theater. Hopefully we can find what we need to finish costumes. Wade and his friend Erin are in Daytona for the weekend at Biketoberfest. Erin is there to take photos for State Farm. State Farm is giving away a Harley Sporters there this weekend. Wade is riding his motorcycle up there so him and Erin can get up close and personal with the other bikers. I hope they come back with some good pics. Hut and I are going to the fall craft show at Polk Community College tomorrow. Many years ago, when Missy and I did crafts, we used to set up there. We always had a good time doing crafts and selling at shows. Now it's mostly store bought things, but there are a few brave souls who still craft. I like to see what they do, although most still do the same things they did many years ago. And there are always alot of florals. After that it's home to hopefully, finally, put up the fence that we've had for a couple of weeks. And hopefully to get Hut to do a blog about the Monster truck event he went to last weekend with CJ. If not, I will have to blog for him I guess.

Here is my skeleton awaiting for you to know on my door.

Can't remember if I already showed these....Brain and bones windchime. You can turn it on and it will rattle all night with a blue flashing light coming from the brain. Very cool. Hut bought this for me.

My midget pumpkin people. I thought my scarecrow needed some friends. I also gave him a skull to hold in his lap. I bought the pumkin kids at a yard sale, but Missy, don't they look like something one of the crafters made at HandMade? I think so.

We bought these cute candy corn yard signs at the Buckler's craft show a couple of weekends ago. Hut wanted the scary looking one and I wanted the happy one. So of course, we had to buy both. I have them on either side of my mailbox. I just love them.


Wendy's Blog said...

THESE are adorable! I love 'em

Granny Annie said...

I WANT A BRAIN AND BONES WIND CHIME! Think I'll check to see if there is one on eBay!

Andi said...

Cute decorations Bonnie...I like the "happy" ones too!

I'd forgotton about Fall Fest at PCC until I read your blog. I'm supposed to be house cleaning today but maybe I'll get out there later this afternoon. They usually have cute things.

Cecile said...

I love the candy corn yard signs they are so cute!everything in your yard looks so festive it makes me want to decorate for halloween more I have put out some fall stuff but I need to get to work:))
Have a great sunday!