Monday, October 6, 2008

Boys & Bikes

I've been wanting to show off my boys and their bikes for awhile. Both my boys and their dad ride bikes. My ex, Jim and my youngest Scott, race bikes. Wade did for awhile but it got too expensive for him. They also have custom bikes they just cruise around on.
This is my oldest son, Wade, getting ready to ride home after a visit with Mom and Stepdad. Wish I could tell you what kind of bike he's on, but they have so many between them I can't keep up. Isn't he just so handsome?!

This is my youngest son, Scott. I went to visit him, Wade and my ex one day and Scott had to show off his 2nd place trophy. He had put his "Lucky Strike" bike in some bike show in Melbourne Beach, FL. and took home 2nd place. Not sure what for, but he sure is proud of his bike and his trophy. He's really handsome too, when he's not squinting in the sun. You can tell I have no shame in talking about my handsome boys, lol. And yes, ladies, they are single.


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

good looking bikes---and okay, them kids of yours aint exactly ugly none either? (lol)

Granny Annie said...

Tom Cruise and Chris O'Donnell!

Cecile said...

Girls better watch out cause they are "HOT"...........
Ya did a good job Bonnie on raising your sons!!!

Missy's Blog said...

Not only are your boys very handsome ... they are sweet, kind, thougthful and all around good kids.

How many young men would write a song for their "nephew to be" ... remember Wade's "Griffin's Lullabye"?

I can hardly believe they are MEN now ... seems like yesterday they were little boys.

Susie Q said...

Those are two good looking guys Mom! What a great job you have done as a Mom! Go Bonnie!