Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Fence

We finally bought some fence for our backyard. So this weekend we will more than likely be putting up a wooden fence around the backyard. Then I can let the dogs out and not have to worry about them. Princess likes to run off into the woods in the morning and it is too dark for me to see her. She doesn't like to listen, so I just leave her be until she comes home. But she is black and it's dark out there. There are usually no cars that early in the morning, but it still scares me. Max at least stays close enough when I go out with him. He does his "duty" and then comes back home with me. With a fence I can let them out and not worry. Plus my neighbors garbage blows into my yard all the time. I am hoping the fence will put a stop to that. Plus we well have a little privacy and can hopefully start enjoying the backyard. I will keep you posted. And I want to apologize to anyone who tried to get to Good Buddies BBQ by the link I had on a previous post. I had it spelled wrong so who knows where I sent you. I have fixed it, but here it is again.....www.goodbuddiesbbq.com. Enjoy.


*Jilly* said...

You are going to love the fence! We have a privacy fence up..and the dogs can just hang out there while they do their "duty"..then they bark when they want it. I am sooo excited for you!

Andi said...

The fence is a great idea. We installed a fence when we got Bully so he would be safe in the back yard. Little bugger likes to dig though so we still have to keep a eye on him. He would probably tunnel to China if he thought there would be a treat waiting there!

Cecile said...

You are gonna love the fence it will give the doggies more freedom and Momma less stress:))