Saturday, October 4, 2008

Crazy in Celebration....

This is Max....he is sooooo glad we are finally home!

Wow was it crazy in Celebration this morning. They do a town wide yard sale twice a year, October and March. I have never been there for one before. What a surprise. Tons of people participated and many, many more came out for the bargains. It is such a big event that they even hand out maps with the locations of all the people in the event. It is also a 3 day event, but I'm sure Saturday is their BIGGEST day. I have tons of pictures to share with you. For those of you who live in Central, Florida or are coming for a visit, you should check out the website: On the main page, click on special events. This place is awesome.

This is the traffic going through Celebration on the main road. It was bumper to bumper the whole time we were there.

These pictures are kind of blurry, sorry. The town had a section set up for people who lived in apartments and couldn't set up there. I am trying to show you the massive amount of people there.

A couple of different set ups people had on the streets. And no I did not purposely take a picture of some ladies butt.

Some decorations in downtown. They had scarecrows everywhere. The stores had great discounts on things. This year is the first year Celebration has allowed the stores to participate in this event. I say it was a success. This next Friday and Saturday night, they will have Falling Leaves.This is some of the store fronts. Notice the upstairs apartments. You really don't see alot of that around here.

This is a picture of the small lakefront in downtown Celebration. In the background is the Celebration Hotel. For those of you who are BUCS fans, that is where they stay during camp. Celebration has rocking chairs on the lake front so you can rest your weary bones after shopping or dining. To the left of this picture is a water fountain for the kids to play in. I couldn't get more pics because we were in moving traffic.

They also had a pumpkin patch set up in the middle of town. Not only did they sell pumpkins, but also bales of hay and cornstalks. It was a very busy place today too.

We really didn't buy alot today. This was our first deal of the day(ignore my dirty dishes in the sink, lol). These are vintage Mickey and Minnie animated dolls. They kinda dance when you plug them in. We thought they'd be great Santa's helpers this year.

This was probably the deal of the day if you are a handy man......This is a wooden wheelbarrow for plants. The only thing is, the wheels are missing. But you couldn't beat the price......FREE! Hubby is trying to figure out how to make, I'm gonna see what E-bay has to offer. My head is already spinning with ideas about how to decorate it for the different seasons.

This is a BIG metal tub. I have always wanted one, don't really know why. I figure it will come in handy to bathe the dogs or to put beer and soda on ice at family gatherings. I'm sure we'll figure out some other uses. Couldn't beat if for $5.

Those were my adventures for the day. Hut and I must have walked close to 10 miles today. Once you found a good parking space (we got really lucky a couple of times today), you walked as far as you could down one side of the street and then walked back and moved on to the next section. This was definitely an all day venture.

I apologize for no blog last night. We had a house fire down on the main road and while the electricity was on (Thank you God)....the cable was off. So no TV, computer or phone for the night.

And I want to than Grannie Annie for doing a picture of me. I won a contest on her blog about a month ago. She emailed me the pic today. You really must check out her blog "Fools Rush In". Just click here: GRANNIE ANNIE . I know you will love it and her.

Here I's kinda small here since I wasn't sure how to enlarge it, but you can still see how wonderful it is. I just love it. Please check her out.


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

sounds comprable to the swap meet held in the Rosebowl on weekends when there is no football.

Granny Annie said...

What fun! We love yard sales and a whole town full would be heaven.

Bonnie, I certainly hope the picture you received was larger than the one here. Let me know if I need to send you a larger file. Glad you liked the sketch.

Sue said...

Great sketch of you! Looks like ya'll found some really cool bargins too. I'd love to be able to go down there, yard sales/swap meets ect are one of my favorite things to do. Good luck finding some wheels for your wheel barrow, hopefully you'll find them on ebay. Have a great weekend.

Missy's Blog said...

Oh my stars ... now THAT is my idea of heaven. I'm so glad you and Jerome went.

I love the plant cart and the metal tub ... they are both great finds!

The sketch Annie did of you is great ... she's so creative!!

Jess said...

Oh, I really like your purchases, you could really jazz them up to be individual.
The pumpkin patch pictures are lovely - and the jeans that woman is wearing in the butt photo are great. Def a photo op.

Bonnie said...

Yes Annie, I got it to print a bigger picture. No worries there. And yes I found the perfect wheels for my cart on ebay. They are being shipped on Monday. We really had a fun, fun time in Celebration. Can't wait for all the holiday activities and then in March it's yard sale time again. Gary, I'd love to go to a swap meet at the Rosebowl. That would be sooo awesome.

Anonymous said...

My feet hurt!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My feet hurt!!!!!!!

Cecile said...

That looks like so much fun and you know that I love Celebration I would love to live there but that aint never gonna happen but it's nice to visit when we go to florida:))I love the goodies you found and that sketch is awesome!!Congrats on winning that you should frame it and your boys would love a copy of thst too:))
Have a great Sunday!!!