Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Potpourri of thoughts

To start off with, I feel like Gary. I have checked out everyone's blogs this weekend and it's like being in the twilight zone....the same, same, same. Of course I know I've been guilty of that too. It's just that I feel like I'm having withdrawal symptoms if I don't get my blog fix. Okay, a couple of things that happened yesterday in Celebration that I forgot to mention in my really looooong blog. First was kinda a "tick me off" incident. I was looking at a really neat picture of Roger Maris (Yankees 1961). Not a Yankees fan, but Roger Maris was an awesome player that Yankees fans just couldn't accept. And few people know that Roger Maris actually played for the Indians also. Anyways, I called Hut over to look at it and the man (who I didn't know from Adam) said to me, it's not for sale if your a Red Sox fan. Well that just made my blood boil, since I was born and raised a Red Sox fan. So I just looked at him and said " Well I didn't want to buy it anyways." Hut didn't hear the whole exchange, only my end of it. So as we walked away I told him about it and told him that I hoped the man never sells that picture. A couple hours later I went back to check on something we should have bought but didn't and the picture was still there. Needless to say that made me happy. Now on to a happier incident. We were at a house checking out some of the items for sale and these 2 little boys were playing with a toy that was for sale. It was some kind of racetrack. Well the boys were just laughing and having a grand time. The lady whose stuff was for sale told her husband, " listen to those laughs, I'm going to go tell them they can have it." And she went over and told the boys as long as they shared it they could have it. I got teary eyed. Most people would have told them not to play with it unless they were gonna buy it. That act of kindess made up for "Mr. Picture".
Today we went to a Bucklers Craft Fair. What a joke. I'm glad I had a coupon for 2 people for the price of one to get in. There were maybe 30 booths and I'd say only 6 of them were truly homemade crafts. Everything else was store bought and AAA was there too. I almost didn't stay there. Right when we walked in the lady at the AAA booth started asking questions and the lady in the booth across from her told her she needed to be quiet and wait for people to go to her booth before she started her speil. I looked at Hut and said loud enough for everyone" That's ridiculous. That makes me want my money back and not buy anything." Well those 2 didn't care and kept on bickering. We didn't even stop at either booth. We did buy a couple of things, though. I got 2 really cool shirts, one for Christmas and one with an American flag on it. We also bought some chicken soup and cornbread mix. We bought 2 yard signs that look like BIG Candy Corn. I'll share pics later. Hut also bought me a small sign that says " Always Kiss Me Goodnight". I love that saying, but it's always on a big sign. He's the best.
On the way home, we saw people standing on the street corners with signs for a new BBQ place in Lakeland. We decided to stop. We're so glad we did. This place had the most awesome BBQ I've ever had. Sonny's and Shack's can't hold a candle to it. It's called Good Buddies BBQ and its at 127 S. Kentucky Ave. in Lakeland. It's located where the Children's Museum used to be. They have a web site: Check it out. They are open Mon-Thurs. 11-3, Fri, Sat & Sun 11-8. I'm not a big fan of BBQ but this place I will definitely make the drive too next time I want BBQ. They have a few unique things besides how good they are. When they give you a number for your order, they hand you a wooden spoon with the number on it and you put it in your papertowel holder. And all kids who finish their meals get a kool pop for dessert. I thought this was pretty cool. Once we finished that we went to a Halloween Store at the Merchants Walk in Lakeland. If you can't find what you are looking for at this place for Halloween, then no one's made it. They had thousands of costumes, children, teens, adults. All kinds of animated ghouls, goblins and monsters. Gross body parts, groovy hippie things, wigs, shoes, trick or treat bags, fog machines, all sizes, misting name it. All in all we had a fun if not tiring weekend. I enjoyed just about every minute of it. Now it's off to move all my Pepsi stuff to the computer room. I had it in the kitchen, but the kitchen is too small for all my stuff, so I am moving it all to a bigger room. Have a great day!


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

glad to find I'm not alone in the bloggosphere ---sounds like ya had a nice weekend checking out all the swap meets and all. I found myself drooling reading about the great BBQ place ya all found---have no idea where its at, not familiar with your area, but I am sure those that live in your area that read your blog will know.

Cecile said...

Thoughts are always good!!
I have been under the weather today and on the couch too much so I hope that I am feeling better tomorrow:))
Have a great Sunday night!!

Andi said...

We've only been to Celebration once and it was several years ago. Not sure if I want to go back but I did like the story about the toy being given to the boys. More people should do things like that.

We'll have to check out the BBQ place sometime when we're going to be in Lakeland. Sounds like something we would like. Have you tried the Rib Crib on South Florida? We like it for St Louis style ribs.

Missy's Blog said...

I'm so glad you had the experience with the nice lady that gave the toy to the boys to make up for Mr. Sour Puss.

That BBQ place sounds wonderful ... you know I love me some BBQ!