Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's Pepsi Time

The top pic is a clock I still have in the kitchen. Otherwise we wouldn't have a clock in the kitchen. Below is a wall phone. It is actually plugged into a phone jack on the wall and it works. One of the first things my loving husband bought me for my Pepsi collection.

Earlier today I mentioned that I was going to move all my Pepsi stuff from my small kitchen to the computer room because it was bigger. I took advantage of the fact that I was full of energy and wanted to get it done. Since I discovered Ebay and all the wonderful Pepsi things people have to offer, I have been going a little crazy. I've actually had to reign myself in. Now that Hut and the boys know where they can find things for Momma, I'll just let them know what I want,lol. Anyways, the move is complete and didn't hurt as much as I thought it might. I usually make a bigger mess when I'm trying to rearrange things than if I just left them alone. I have a ton more space in this room to fill in too. I have taken some pics so you can see how much "junque" I do have. Actually you can't see it all because I have a Pepsi display shelf and it's deep. So some of my duplicates are in the back.

When you first walk in this is the first wall you see. A vintage Pepsi sign, a picture of the first Pepsi manufacturing company in New Bern, NC (where Pepsi was born) and a wooden Pepsi heart.

These are actually in a corner when you first walk in. These are on the corner wall next to the first pics. An enamel advertisement, a bulletin board and a retro sign.

These are next to the computer desk. The first pic is a collage of my many Pepsi postcards. The arrow is a sign I picked up at a craft show.

These are on the wall to the right of the computer. A Pepsi clock, an enamel sign, Pepsi Ave., a piece of wooden crate and a vintage Pepsi girl picture. The next pic is a close up of the Pepsi girl.

Pictures of everything else I have on my metal Pepsi display shelf. The shelf is an original that was used to display Pepsi in grocery stores and convenience stores. I only paid $2 for it at a yard sale. One of my best deals ever. The top pic has a set of 4 Pepsi product cans that I also got at a yard sale for $2. I love these because they are in a protective sleeve, but I also love them because on each can is a different NASCAR track and we do love our NASCAR. On the other shelves I have a Pepsi doll, 3 crates, numerous Pepsi bottles, some vintage and some just different. I have an Elvis Pepsi bottle, I have a Pepsi bottle written in Arabic. I have Christmas ornaments, drinking glasses, magnets, miniatures, toys, cans, tins, radios, flashlights, banks. You name it I probably have it. I almost forgot to mention I have 2 Pepsi lights that came off some old soda dispensers. My son worked for an electrician and they were changing out the dispensers. Since they were just gonna throw them away, Wade asked if he could have them. One of the best gifts he ever gave me.

These are some other signs and a chalkboard I hung on the side of the shelf. As you can probably tell I am trying to hide some graffiti on the wall. Wade used to be in a band called VOID 9 and this was the band room. They painted the band name on the wall. I hope I didn't bore you with all my Pepsi "junque". Another blog soon will be the other things I collect....Blue Santas. Stay tuned.


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

PHEENOMENAL!! you really do have a lot of Pesi stuff. I would imagine some of the older things Pepsi related might bring a nice price on E-bay. Thanks for sharing all the pics.

Cecile said...

WOW!!! You collect Pepsi stuff like I collect scrapbook goodies I am with Gary you have got a goldmine in your house!!!!
Thanks for sharing:))

Andi said...

Awesome collection Bonnie! I love collections...I always think they're so interesting. You did a great job arranging yours. Actually, I think you're the only person I know that collects Pepsi things. I know a few Coca Cola/Coke collectors but you're the first Pepsi collector...pretty cool!

Bonnie said...

I like to be different, hence the Pepsi collection. Pepsi stuff is hard to find (except on ebay, lol) and it's usually very expensive when you do find it. That is also why I only collect Blue Santa's and not the normal Red ones. I just like to be different.

*Jilly* said...

I LOVE all of your Pepsi stuff!

Sorry you keep getting the same, same, same on my blog..I will update soon..I have a lot going on right now..

Granny Annie said...

eBay takes the fun out of collections. There used to be a story attached to each item, now someone says "Wow, where did you find that?" and I say, "eBay." instead of, "Well, we were tromping around in the wilderness and..............." etc.

Bonnie said...

Annie, I know what you mean. I was in awe the first time I found everything on ebay, but now there is no fun in the chase. I still like going to yard sales and antiques shops to find things. My ebay days have slowed down, but like I said, at least hubby and sons have a place to shop for Momma.

Sue said...

WOW!!! You have a great collection there. Very impressive. You've arranged everything so nicely too.

Missy's Blog said...

You DO have a great Pepsi collection and you have it displayed so nicely!

I agree ... Ebay is great, but when you find something at a yard sale or flea market it just adds a little bit of a "tickle" to the find.

I can't believe you still have that little Pepsi Cola 5 Cents sign I made ions ago ... lol.

Can't wait until you share your blue santa collection!