Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Cookies

This a picture of Hut with Santa. It's proof that he's not Santa (wink, wink). Just wanted to share it.

I baked Christmas cookies the other night. But they were cheater cookies since time is so scarce this time of year. But it was fun none the less. And Hut actually helped decorate them. I haven't baked cut out cookies since the kids were little so it's been a long time. I baked, Hut decorated most, I decorated a few and then we ate some. They were good too!

Our cookies baking in the oven. And yes I opened the oven door to take this picture.This is what I made with the leftover dough. I didn't have any cookie cutters so I shaped them by hand.I iced the snowmen and Hut working on the stockings.Here is Hut decorating the last of the snowmen. A sampling of how our cookies turned out...even the oddball ones. This was so much fun, even though it was just the two of us. This is something we will definitely do again.


Cecile said...

Awwww....Santa decorating cookies..
That renews my faith in knowing that Santa is real and magical::))
{hehe}Silly me of course Santa is real::))

Susie Q said...

W are all about *cheating* with cookies! besides, the fun part is decorating right? Yours look pretty and yummy too!

Areyou SURE Hut isn't the real Santa?? A helper perhaps?


Missy's Blog said...

Now ... that is proof if I've ever seen it ... Santa Claus IS real!!

I love the cookies ... I wish we could have been there to help decorate them. I love that you and Jerome did it together.

Brenda said...

Girl I know busy! I may cheat this year alot =)I just wish we had a month left and everything was done so we could just enjoy it all.

Andi said...

Cute cookies Bonnie! It's nice to know that Santa helps Mrs. Claus bake and decorate the cookies!!!

Sue said...

Those cookies look so yummy! Nice job Bonnie & Hut.

Sue said...
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