Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Visions of Candy Canes

We finally (I think) finished decorating the outside yard. During the course of the summer, I had been picking up some candy cane yard ornaments at yard sales. We didn't have any yard ornaments, so it was a start. Well that snowballed into being the theme of our yard this year. And we really didn't realize it until I hung this really HUGE candy cane on my front door. Let me show you...... My friend, Jane, painted this candy cane for a crafts tent she ran at a City event. When it was over, she jokingly asked me if I wanted it. Of course I said yes. Well as another joke, when we took it out of the truck, I had no where to put it, so I hung it on the hook on the door where I was going to hang a wreath. Well we all thought it looked pretty good there, so there it stays. But seeing that and the yard ornaments made us realize that we had a candy cane theme going on.Here's a picture taken with the flash...can you see the candy canes hanging on the fence?Here's another without the flash. Hard to tell but the lights on the house are red and white......Hut's idea.Our keeper of the candy canes....notice he is flanked by the only 2 green candy canes we have.We were at Lowe's the other day and they had their inflatables on sale. Hut is a big John Deere fan and he really liked this green tractor with Santa on it. So we bought it and blew it up. As you can see, the tires are like peppermints, but wait, it gets better.....the trailer the tractor is pulling says Candy Cane Acres on it.....we didn't realize that until we got it home. This whole candy cane thing is really nothing but a bunch of flukes all falling together.This flag is not a fluke. I bought it purposely when I saw it was candy canes. The only thing that was bought on purpose.This I've had for many, many years. My friend, Sue Werden, painted it on a cheesebox lid. It says "Merry Christmas Y'all". It fit in with the candy canes,so I thought I'd share it.These are a few other things we have in the yard. The two white reindeer stand about 2 to 3 feet tall. Yard sale bargain, last weekend for $1 each. And our double rocker, also a yard sale find over the summer for $10. It is on my very small porch but I put a BIG ribbon on it to dress it up. So that's my yard for the holidays. I have one more picture to share and it's my itty bitty Christmas tree. I thought since everyone else was sharing pics of theirs I would share mine. All I have to say it that none of the ornaments this year have sentimental value as I bought ornaments this year that were cat proof.I feel a need to mention that we have one admirer of our lights that comes every night to see them. The lady down the street (the one who use to come to all our yard sales, Missy) babysits a little 2 year old. She walks her down the street every evening to see the lights. When the little girls mother comes to pick her up....the little girl makes her mom drive by the lights again. Tonight they walked down and we were talking to them and I gave the little girl and her two cousins some candy canes (of course) and some Christmas ornaments I had bought and would never use. They were excited and I'm sure we will see lots more of them before Christmas.


Sue said...

Your yard looks so festive! Love the candy canes....Frank & I did that one year when we lived in the 5th wheel. Decorated the whole thing up outside with different candy canes, it was so much fun!
Love the story about the little girl coming down each think she might be lookin for Santa?

Anonymous said...

I will know which house is the Hutto's on Christmas...I just love candy canes, along with hot cocoa and cookies....

Kris Kringle
North Pole

Andi said...

Your candy cane theme looks wonderful Bonnie! And from the looks of the comment about mine Santa a/k/a Kris Kringle also approves! Merry Christmas!

By the way...youve been tagged over at my blog!

Granny Annie said...

I have put up what few ornaments we have and our very small tree is deoorated. It took all the energy I have to do that much. How in the world do you manage to do all that decorating? What does Tinkerbell think of her new home now? I think it is beautiful.

Cecile said...

Hey Girl,
Your yard looks great and ready for Santa!
I am glad he approves of the candy canes::))

Brenda said...

It all looks so pretty. I wish I had a Santa to help me =)
Also you have been tagged at my place =)

Missy's Blog said...

Bonnie ... your holiday decorations are just wonderful!!

I wish we could come by so Griffin could see them.

I love that you guys share candy canes and ornaments with the little kids ... well, that's just so "you"!