Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Santa's Final Stop

Ocala National Forest was Santa's final stop. Just watch out for the bears!

Santa took an extra day this year to deliver some Christmas Spirit. My cousin Yvette lives in the Ocala National Forest, only 3 miles from my boys' grandparents. Yvette's granddaughter Chloe is handicapped. Doctors said Chloe would never walk, talk or see. Well she fooled them all. This year Chloe was really into Santa so since she was coming to visit her Mimi in Florida, Santa just had to make a special visit.

First stop was at Tootsie and Frank's so Santa and the Mrs. could "freshen up" from their trip. This is in front of their Christmas tree.
This is probably one of my favorite pics of Santa. He's pretending he's animated in front of the house. Someone drove by while he was standing there.
Next stop was Yvette's house. Here we are walking in.
Chloe was sooooo excited that she had to get up and give Santa a hug. That's her mom, Katie, helping her. The little blonde at the bottom is Gabby, her sister.

This is Katie, Gabby and my cousin Yvette, watching Chloe and Santa converse.
Not to be left out, Gabby lets Mrs. C hold her.
Chloe with Santa and Mrs. C. Chloe wants to fill OUR stockings next year. She was full of all kinds of questions, like what's the elves favorite food, what do I fix for breakfast, what does Santa want in his stocking. She really made us think quick on our feet, lol. Chloe getting a snowglobe from Santa. Chloe loves snow globes and this one was squishy plastic, really neat, so it wouldn't break. Chloe also got wheel covers for her wheelchair that are really bright colors.We also had a surprise for Christmas. I haven't seen my brother's in 6 years (since my mom passed away). Well this is my older brother, Kevin, with my niece Carley. My brother Jimmy was also there, but he chose to stay outside. It was good to see them. My son Wade and his g-friend Erin went with us. It was good for Wade to see his uncles and cousin(who had no idea who we were). Thanks again, Erin for taking taking pictures (you too Wade)And of course we have to have Santa/animal pictures. This is Santa with Tootsie and Frank's dog Schottzy.And this is Cocoa with Santa. Cocoa is Chloe's dog that lives with Yvette.


Missy's Blog said...

Bonnie ... what a wonderful thing you guys did for Chloe. It's something that will be with her forever.

I love that picture of Uncle Santa in front of the house ... you have to make a scrapbook page with that one!

I'm so glad you got to see your brothers. I know how much you love and miss them. I'm so glad they were there!

Happy New Year ... we love ya'll!

Cecile said...

Hey Girl
What a wonderful ending to such a great ride!!And Chloe will never ever forget the awesome things ya'll did for her I mean Santa and Mrs Clause did for her.
You and Hut are the greatest with huge hearts!!!

Granny Annie said...

This is so fantastic. Santa and Mrs. Claus are the best ever!

Your brother Kevin could by my cousin David's identical twin brother.

Trina said...

Santa Claus and Mrs. C. have to be two of the most wonderful ppl on the planet. After I get a tissue and wipe my eyes, I might be back to blog some more. Chloe is Very lucky to have family like you guys.

Have a Happy New Year.

Andi said...

You and your hubby are just wonderful Bonnie! What fun and excitement you took with you to Ocala. I love that picture of Santa waving too...wonder what the passer by thought!!!

Have you ever seen a bear up that way?