Thursday, December 11, 2008

Skylee Eve

My nephew LD and his darling daughter Skylee came to visit us last week. We hadn't seen them since probably Easter time. LD has always been like one of my own kids, even living with us for awhile. I wanted to share a couple of photos of Skylee from her visit with us. And you all know that Santa is going to be paying her a visit. I can't wait for that, although I think this year and next are going to be her "scared" of Santa years.
Here is Skylee with her daddy, LD. She is such a happy baby. Her momma, Jen, was at work.

Here's Skylee with her Aunt Bon.

Skylee on Uncle Hut's lap, watching TV. Notice she is always smiling. She is a charmer.


Missy's Blog said...

Oh my gosh ... she is so cute!! Just that at that beautiful face.

It's so good to see LD ... I'm glad that he's doing so well.

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful. Hope she loves her stocking.

Bonnie said...

She does love it. When she was visiting she took hold of it and that was all she wrote. That stocking will always have a special place in this family.

Jamie Dawn said...

Skylee Eve is adorable!
I just love babies so much! Our neighbors' daughter recently got married and had a baby. I got to hold that precious newborn for over an hour. I was in heaven!!
Skylee is most certainly a charmer.
She will really enjoy Christmas morning. Her smile will be even bigger then - if that's possible.

Cecile said...

Skylee is so precious!!

Andi said...

What a little cutie she is!