Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Swap

I signed on for a Christmas Swap sponsered by Brenda at Country Romance (see side bar). My swap partner was April, who is Brenda's daughter. I don't know what I was thinking and I want to apologize to April. I recieved her package a couple of weeks ago and it never occured to me to show you guys all the wonderful things she got me. I just don't know where my brains are lately. Forgive me, April. Here are the great gifts I got from April.

A whimsical sign for my walls. I only wish we'd have snow.....but I love the sign.

This darling little kitchen towel. I had nothing for the holiday for the kitchen, but this makes me want to get more.

Some yummy goodies.....old fashioned peppermint sticks and a gingerbread cookie.

For the scrapper in me.....some cute paper to scrap on.

Some scented pinecones. It's kind of funny because I had just bought a glass sleigh at a yard sale and I just know these are gonna look great in it.

Here's the sleigh I'm going to put the pinecones in.

April also got me a Christmas stocking with a Santa on it. I have put the stocking to good use. My nephew came by with his daughter, Skylee. She is going to be one on the 29th of December. She didn't have a Christmas stocking and she really liked the one April got me. So I hope you don't mind, April, but the stocking you bought me is going to be Skylee's Christmas stocking. I'll have to get a picture of it with all her goodies in it.

Thanks again for all the great gifts. I have already enjoyed the peppermint sticks and gingerbread cookies. I'm trying to find a spot for the sleigh before I put the pinecones out. I have to find a spot the kittens won't get into it. They are into everything. After Christmas is all said and done.....I'll have lots of pages of scrapping to do....that paper is gonna be great for that.

Brenda, thanks for hosting such a great event and I hope you do it next year and that I will be invited to do it again (even with all the mix-ups).


Brenda said...

Your welcome and im glad you liked your goodies. I know this was April's first since she just started to blog.
As for the skates I will keep a look out,but thanks for offering I have no idea when I will be that way again =(

Cecile said...

Awesome Holiday Loot!!!!
That sounds like fun::))

Sue said...

Wow! Great stuff Bonnie! Are you feeling better?

Missy's Blog said...

Wow ... what a great swap gift!! She was very thoughtful and had some wonderful surprises in your package!

Granny Annie said...

Well Bonnie, you must have been a very good girl for Santa's helper April to be so good to you!

Susie Q said...

Such fun treasures! I was too late to join in this swap and missed all the fun!

Great loot Bonnie!


Andi said...

Bonnie, the things April sent you are adorable! I hope I get to participate in a Christmas Swap every year. I had so much fun with it!