Sunday, April 26, 2009

Big Monsters and Little Monsters (mostly little)

It was a busy Saturday this weekend. My nephew needed a babysitter for the day and of course Hut and I said we'd do it. Boy these little babies can wear you out. But we love spending time with them.Here is one of the Little Monsters with the BIG Monster. Hut had heard that the Grave Digger Monster Truck was going to be in our neighborhood on Saturday. I have loved the Grave Digger for, I know, 20 years or more. I just love monster trucks. So he made sure we got to see it. This is Skylee's first experience with monster trucks. Tyler was sleeping so he missed out on it. Hopefully Skylee will love monster trucks as much as Aunt Bon does.Most of you know that Hut and I go yard saleing on Saturdays, the babies didn't stop us from stopping at a few. We got Skylee a brand new baby doll at one of them. It was a little lamb dressed up for a Christening. She loved it and wouldn't share it with anyone.After a few yard sales, it was off to McD's for lunch and then a jaunt to the park for some swinging. Skylee had a great time in the swing.Hut thought Tyler might like to go down the slide. We didn't really put him down the slide, but thought this was a great photo op.After the park, we headed for home. We had bought this Step Two item at a yard sale last weekend. It's a front door with working door bell, mail box, shutters and doggy door. We have it in the backyard with a few other toys for the kids. Skylee had a grand time playing with it. Where my nephew lives, there is no yard for the kids to play in, so Skylee loves to come play in our yard.Here she is checking the mail.Hut is such a big help with the kids. He really enjoys having them around. I just love this picture of him with Tyler. Nap time for both of the guys. I just love all the pictures of my big ol' bear of a husband with the babies. I wanted to share a couple of pictures from my job. I work for security at State Farm Insurance in Winter Haven. They have the most beautiful work location and there is plenty of wild life here. I did a post probably a year ago with other pictures I had taken of the location. Well Thursday night I worked a double and was lucky enough to see Mr. Cardinal and his Mrs. I tried to get some close up pictures without scaring them and this was the best one I got. Isn't he gorgeous? And he stayed right with the Mrs.

And for those of you getting all the rain and snow... this is why I beg you to send some this way. This used to be a pretty big pond. Now it's nothing but a puddle. This was taken Thursday night too. It's probably gone now. We so desperately need some precipitation here.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I did.


Missy's Blog said...

Awww ... looks like you guys had a great time.

Grave Digger right in your neighborhood ... wish they would have been there when we were. Griffin would have loved that.

The pictures are just wonderful ... love the one of Tyler on the slide.

PEA said...

Those two kids are so adorable and it's no wonder you and Hut didn't mind babysitting them:-) There's just something about a man holding a little baby isn't there!! Precious!

A couple of summers ago I had the opportunity to go see my first Monster Truck exhibition and I just loved it!!

Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal sure make a fine couple. We don't get them in my area, which is such a shame.

Oh dear, I can see why you so want rain!! We're having some every day lately so I'll try really hard to send it your way:-) xoxo

Granny Annie said...

You two are THE BEST. You are creating memories for children that will last a lifetime. We love finding things at yardsales for the kids because you can get some really nice stuff for practically nothing and if they tear it up it's no big whup. I wish you could babysit ME:)

April Russell said...

What a doll! Thanks so much for the sweet blog post you left me! I love when God does that!