Friday, May 1, 2009

Beef Jerky

As you can probably tell there ain't much going on around here. Hut likes to feed our animals beef jerky as a treat. They usually beg him all at the same time and when he calls me to take a picture.....never fails, they won't do it. But I did get a few pics of them eating some beef jerky.
This is Booty Barker (the cat) and Molly waiting for some goodies.
This is Max after waiting patiently for the others to get their goodies.
It has been pretty quiet around here these past few days. However, we have a busy, busy weekend planned so I'll have lots to blog about then. We are going to a baseball game Saturday night with my son Wade and a couple of his friends. We are going to go see the Boston Red Sox go whup the Tampa Bay Rays.
Should be fun, fun, fun. I love ball games because I can be really obnoxious and no one cares because they are all being obnoxious, too.
And Sunday evening Wade's band is playing at a local joint, so we are going to go watch that. Wade's been in a couple of bands the past 5 years and we always try to get to the shows for support. All of the bands he's been in have been pretty good, with the exception of one.....they were too vulgar (thank God Wade didn't play with them long). If you want to check them out and you have access to myspace....the band is called UNDER THE EMPIRE. Please go check them out....they are good.
That is my son, Wade in the front. I haven't met any of the other band members so, sorry, can't fill you in on whose who.


Missy's Blog said...

How cute your fur babies love beef jerky ... that's too funny!

Wade and his band look so good in their promo shot. I'm sure they are going to do great tonight at the concert.

Have fun at the game ... hope the Sox win!

Granny Annie said...

I hope you are feeding those animals homemade jerky because if you are feeding them the store bought stuff those bites are EXPENSIVE!!!

I shall now go search for UNDER THE EMPIRE. Cool name by the way.

PEA said...

Good mornng, dear Bonnie:-)

Isn't it hard to blog when not much is's the same with me lately! lol Love those pictures of your furbabies enjoying beef jerky. My youngest brother makes his own but I've never been able to acquire a taste for it.

Sounds like you'll be having a fun weekend and I look forward to hearing all about it.

Your son's band's promo shot is wonderful, I wish I could go hear them play as well:-) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Your fur babies are adorable! Sounds like you have a great weekend planned..enjoy.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

cute pics of the animals at "Treats time", and have to say the promo pic of "Under The Empire" looks quite good, I wish then success.