Sunday, May 3, 2009

America's Favorite Pastime

No, I don't mean blogging. I mean BASEBALL! I love baseball. I love the Red Sox. Being born and raised in New England might have had something to do with it. Besides, if it weren't for the Red Sox, I might have never met my wonderful husband. Okay, now I know your curious, so I'll make it short and sweet. The Red Sox held their Spring Training in Winter Haven from 1966 until 1992. My husband worked at the ball park from 1978 and still does. Back in March of 1992 I was working at the Taco Bell across from the ball park. One night I was working when this handsome fella walked in with a Red Sox hat on. Me being the shy person that I am says, "Now there's a man after my own heart." not knowing how true that statement would be. Well he handed me his work number and said if anyone wanted to go to a Spring Training game, call him and let him know. Well I hung on to that phone number for close to a week before I had nerve to call him. I was a single mother with 2 young boys who would love to see a baseball game. So I called him, he didn't remember who I was but he told me to stop by the stadium after work so we could talk. Well I lived 45 minutes one way from Taco Bell. I drove home, showered and changed and drove back to the stadium. I spent most of the night at the stadium meeting his friends and talking and at one point Hut kissed me. Then he waited for me to slap him. Didn't happen. I was thrilled he kissed me. Anyways, it was getting late and I needed to get home. He got in his truck and it wouldn't crank. He asked me if I would take him home. Sure, why not. So I took him home and yes, the shameless hussy that I am, I stayed the night ( my kids were with their dad). I also stayed the next night and the next. I finally moved in with him and less than 2 months later we were married and happily so for the past 17 years. So thank you Boston Red Sox for having Spring Training in Winter Haven. Hut and I married in 1992, which was the last year the Red Sox trained there. I think there was Divine Intervention there, don't you?! Okay, so it wasn't really short and sweet and I totally got off track for this blog. Just so you know, we will be celebrating that 17 years next Saturday, May 9

Okay on to the ball game. I have a few pictures to share from the Red Sox whupping on the Tampa Bay Rays. The Red Sox went into this series with an 11 game winning streak. This is a 4 game set in Tampa. The Red Sox lost the 1st two games, but I knew they were going to win our game. And they did....10 - 6. I forgot to take a picture of the score board, but it's doesn't really matter, they WON! I had originally bought 8 tickets for other friends and family and no one was able to go. So Hut and I enjoyed the game alone. He did give 2 tickets to a friend of his, but they were in a different section. Plus I traded 4 tickets to the Rent to Own place where I buy some things. Fred paid off one of my accounts with them and he was able to take his whole crew to a ballgame. He already had 4 tickets and couldn't decide who to take and then I walked in with 4 more in the same section believe it or not (divine intervention again, I believe). So it all worked out with the tickets. Before I go off on another tangent, let me get some pictures going here.
Here is the Tampa skyline on our way to the ballgame.
This is where the game was held. I didn't even think to take a picture of the outside. It's a domed building.
An avid Rays fan waiting for the gates to open.This is the game we went to see. Go Sox!
This is who made it possible for us to go to the game. State Farm gets blocks of tickets that they sell to employees at a discount price. So thank you, State Farm.
Hut and I when we first got there. Couldn't find anyone to take a picture of us. I don't know how you guys take your own pictures and they look so good. I couldn't get the camera right, lol.This is Raymond, the Tampa Bay Mascot. Boy was he surprised to find himself in the Red Sox fan section, lol. He sprayed a bunch of Sox fans with silly string.
These next two photos aren't the greatest, but oh well, I did my best. This is Dustin Pedroia, who plays for the Red Sox.

And yes, I took a picture of the other team up at bat. Actually this is Carlos Pena, who plays for the Rays. I had to take a picture of him, because he is from my hometown in Massachusetts and he went to my old high school. So unless they are playing the Red Sox, I have a little allegiance to the Rays, lol.This has absolutely nothing to do with the ballgames, but I saw this in someone's yard and thought it was the cutest darn thing. It's made out of many shapes and sizes of flower pots.

Sorry for the long post. Guess I'm trying to make up for lost time.


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

wow, that post read like a fun movie script, girl meets boy, marries boy, etc, etc, etc---good pics too

annie kelleher said...

great post too bad it centered around the red sox!!! we're yankee fans here!!!!

Sue said...

Loved the long post! Like Gary said, it was like a movie script. That's so sweet how you and Hut met! I don't follow sports much, but I still love my Mariners.

Missy's Blog said...

I *loved* reading your love story. I never knew you went home to shower/change before going to the stadium. What your readers don't realize is Taco Bell is right across the road from the stadium. I think it's sweet you did that.

I'm glad you guys had a good time at the game. And "your" team won ... woo hoo!

What a fun weekend ...