Monday, May 4, 2009

Under The Empire

Nope, not a new Star Wars movie. It's my son Wade's band. We went to see them last night since they were local to us. Only about 5 miles from home. You would have to like heavy rock to like this band. That is actually the kind of music I like so I really had a good time. I think Hut had a good time too, although I'm not so sure that it was his kind of music. The pictures I took didn't come out all that great, but I will post the best of the lot. They played at a bar on our chain of lakes here in Winter Haven. It's called Alligator Alley. For those of you from the Winter Haven area it's also been the Dockside, Autumn's Anchor and Sally's Shrimp Boat. It's probably had other names, but these stick out in my mind. Anyways, I think it's kind of ironic that Wade played there. His father and I took him there to eat when he was like 6 months old (Sally's Shrimpboat). Of course he doesn't remember. He kept telling everyone he had never been there and me being the smart a$$ that I am kept telling him yes he had. I finally had a chance to meet the other band members. What a great group of guys. Two of them somewhat adopted me and the other two really didn't care. They were there to play and play they did. There were a total of 3 bands playing and I have to say that Under The Empire had the loudest crowd.

Under The Empire getting the fans going.

Tim, the bands lead singer, one of my newly "adopted" sons.Tim and Ard aka J Bone ( my other newly "adopted" son).

Tony and Brett, Rock On!

Ard, Tim and Tony.

I saved the best for last.....Wade. It was hard to get any pics of Wade to come out, but this is a close up.

I apologize for the darkness of the photos, but it was really dark in the bar. I did the best I could. They are playing close to home again next month, so maybe I can get there and get some better pictures. Thank you all for bearing with a proud momma and her crappy pictures.


Missy's Blog said...

I know you are so proud of Wade. He is very talented (and handsome on top of all of that talent!).

It's great he was playing so close to your house. I've never been to the place they've played at ... sounds like fun though!

Bonnie said...

We just found out they are playing near our house again on June 5, in Lakeland. So we will be going to see them again. They are really good. And yes, I am VERY proud of Wade. This band may actually go somewhere. I downloaded some of there songs on my myspace if you want to go check them out.

PEA said...

I'm so glad you were able to go see Wade and his band play. I'm not a heavy metal fan but I do appreciate all music so I'm sure they would have grown on me! lol Loved seeing the pictures and it really looks like they get right into seeing young people like this get into something they so obviously love:-) You have every right to be a proud mama!!! xoxo

Cecile said...

Rock On Wade!!!Keep making Momma proud!!!!!!