Sunday, July 5, 2009

Family and Friends Fun on the 4th

Wade called us the morning of the 4th and asked if we would like to come watch the fireworks with them. It was the first time Layla would see fireworks. Of course we were going. Hut even gave up his beloved NASCAR race to go watch fireworks with Layla and family. Diana called us a little while after that to let us know friends Amber and Tony had invited all of us to dinner before the fireworks. Amber and Tony have been friends of Wade's for quite a few years and we enjoy getting together with them. As a matter of fact, we spent Christmas dinner with them this past year and had a great time. Tony and Amber have 3 children, Maddy, who's 6, Xavier, who I believe is 9 and Autumn who is 10 (I think). We had a blast. After a meal of Tacos and story telling it was time to head for the lakefront to watch the fireworks.

Here's all the kids before we walked down to the lake front. Layla, of course, in the front. Then Xavier and Maddy in the middle, with big sister Autumn bringing up the rear.Layla in awe of the fireworks. She sitting with Maddy and Grandpa Hut is in the back.Layla again with Autumn in the background.

My battery on my camera died before I had a chance to take more pictures. So I have no pictures of Tony and Amber. And Diana's brother Casey was with us also. I think this my very well become a family tradition. Oh and we came home with a new family member too. Meet Bailey.

Tony and Amber had Bailey but they could not longer keep him and were going to take him to the pound. Nope.....Hut's always wanted a "baskethound" so he came home with us. Our dogs are doing okay with him and Molly actually likes having someone to play with. By the way "baskethound" is what Maddy calls him, so that is what he is, lol. I hope the rest of you had as much fun as we did.


Granny Annie said...

I'd be a "basket case" to have your new baskethound along with all the other dogs! You just can't say no, can you? LOL

What fun to be there for Layla's first fireworks. Did she just love them?

Bonnie said...

No, I really can't say no, so I left this decision up to Hut and he said yes, lol. I only have 4 dogs and a cat. Of course, 2 more kittens may be on the way soon from my son Scott. Yes, Layla absolutely loved the fireworks!

Sue said...

Love your new family memember!! We also have a "baskethound"...his name is Alphie and your little guy looks just like him when he was little. He is the only pet we are taking to Florida with us...the rest we found good homes for. I have to leave my cat...she's the first cat I've ever had cause I never really liked cats, untill she walked into our yard as a stray and I kind of "adopted" her. My neighbor has taken her and I know she'll be in good hands. We leave tomorrow for Pensacola!

Cecile said...

Awww...I love hounds.. Daisy has some hound in her and she resembles you new doggie:)
Sorry I missed your call I have had a sick kid and I feel like crud myself but I will catch up with ya this week::)

Missy's Blog said...

What a great 4th of July! I love that ya'll were there with Layla for her first fireworks. She's such a cutie.

I have a new nephew ... Bailey! He's such a cutie too!