Thursday, July 9, 2009

What I did on my summer vacation

Nothing....absolutely nothing. Not by my choice, believe me. If this post sounds harsh, I apologize. I was promised a day at the beach, maybe a trip to Savannah, GA to suprise my friend Cecile. A trip to Ocala to pick up some new furniture from my cousin. I wanted to have a yard sale last weekend to help pay for everything. But nooooooo, guess I was expecting too much. The husband decides last Saturday that the truck won't make it anywhere (after telling me for weeks that it would go anywhere). To say I'm ticked off is putting it nicely. My husband is one of those guys that just wants to stay at home and sit and watch TV and sleep all day. So I honestly believe that's what he had planned the whole time. The place we took the truck is in St. Cloud or I really don't think we would have gone to see fireworks with Layla. I am so upset I could spit nails. He decided this weekend would be good to clean out the house and have a yard sale...guess what...rain all weekend. And a good friend is visiting a beach close by and I can't even get there for a day to visit her. I just want to sit on the floor and cry. I know my problems are small compare to some others I know, but if Hubby had at least been honest, I could have made plans for vacation another time. But I only get one week and it has been spent in this house (which I hate, sorry Missy). I got out for about an hour to by groceries at Walmart yesterday, because our other vehicle isn't running right either. So how is your summer going????


Missy's Blog said...

Oh Bonnie ... I am so, so sorry things didn't go as you had hoped.

I think most men are "stay at home when possible" kind of people. I love to go ... if we were in FL I would come get you and we could do some fun things.

Maybe you will get a three day weekend or something and could do something fun then.

I love you ... big hugs to you,

Cecile said...

I love you girly::)