Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chloe Update

This is my cousin Yvette and her granddaughter Chloe on Chloe's first day was of school last week. Some of you are familiar with Chloe from some of my past blogs. Chloe had kidney surgery on the 9th. She came home today. She is doing well. In her mother's words " Just got home with Chloe... she is doing well, her surgery went well and was less invasive than anticpated :)" So thank you everyone for your prayers. They always work for Chloe. She is such an inspiration to all of us. Thanks for all of your support. Another update from my cousin:

Hi Everyone,
The update on Chloe is that she is HOME!!!! She had her surgery yesterday afternoon and is home allready. They had to reconstruct a valve on her left kidney (with her own tissue) to prevent any further reflux and lessen her chances of further kidney damage. She did remarkable well and was ready to come home. We're glad she is such a remarkable girl and can withstand so much thus being able to come home so quickly. Keep her in your prayers, please as there will be chance for infection in the next few days. I certainly hope not. Love to all and thanks for all the prayers. Yvette

Now I'm asking for prayers of a different kind. Scott goes to court tomorrow for a bond reduction hearing. Please pray that his bond gets reduced. He will be able to come home tomorrow if the Judge lowers it enough. And once he's home, you won't have to hear me whine, complain and say bad words anymore (at least for a little while,lol.) Thanks again all of you, for being my rock. I couldn't get through this rough patch without you guys.


Brenda Eason said...

Praise God she is home. Im so happy she did well.
Prayers for Scott going up.

Missy's Blog said...

So glad to hear Chloe is doing well.

I hope all goes well with Scotty. Being at home with you and Jerome is what he needs.

Cecile said...

Thank the lord for his blessings!! I am keeping You and Scott in my prayers and I hope that everything works out at court today!!!
I could be my Son and my heart goes out to you cause I know you are an awesome MOM:)Hugs!!

Susie Q said...

Pray works!!
I hopoe you know that Scott and all of you have been in my are such a special lady. Hugs and love to you.