Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Turkeys, Car Shows, Ice Cream and Babies

I have mentioned before about the turkeys running around where I work. On Monday when I was out relieving the other Security Officer I saw one running the fence line. Well the poor little thing was trying to get on the other side to his "woman". After taking some pictures, I had to physically chase him enough to make his fly over the fence. So that romance had a happy ending. He was back with his love.

Gazing at his "love" through the fence.

If you look really close on the right hand side you can just barely see the female running by the fence.

Saturday we decided to go to the mall after finally finding some shoes and shorts for Scott. On the way Scott noticed a truck show at the local HOOTERS. So of course we stopped. This is Scott in front of a really HUGE truck. I would so drive this. And then of course the lowriders.

Then you have the ones with the really cool graphics and sound systems.
A souped up hot rod. It was a small truck and classic show but it was nice. Mostly low riders and sound systems but it was nice to see some of these there.

And of course Monday was band practice night. So it was playground and Chocolate Ice Cream for Layla. She was not in the mood for pictures that night.

Wade's best friend Bobby and his wife Kerin had a baby girl born on July 15. Well Hut and I haven't had a chance to meet Shyenne yet. (I hope I am spelling these names right, lol). Monday night Bobby and his beautiful girls came for a visit too. Here they are chilling on the couch listening to Uncle Wade and Daddy playing in the band.

Here is a close up of Shyenne. She is such a cutey and such a good baby. So of course we now have another precious "grandbaby" to spoil.


PEA said...

Well I'm glad that the turkey story had a good ending! lol We have wild turkeys here as well but usually only see them in big open fields, they don't come near houses/buildings at all.

Wow, isn't it amazing how some people soup up their cars? Love the one with the green monster hands! LOL

The baby is so darling...would her name be spelled Cheyenne? That's usually the way it's spelled but then Shyenne looks good too! lol

Loved the photos of Layla playing at the playground in your previous post, what a sweetheart she is:-) xoxo

Granny Annie said...

I believe you have captured the only picture in history of an unhappy child with an ice cream cone!

Bonnie said...

Layla was happy with the ice cream cone, she just wasn't happy with Nana taking her picture.

Susie Q said...

I love wild turkeys! I may be odd but I think turkeys are gorgeous!
Love those cars!! It is such fun to see what folks do with their snazzy rides! : )
Layla is just adorable, pouty face and all.
Such a pretty baby...and your post title was fun! Turkeys and Cars and Babies!

Missy's Blog said...

You are such a good person ... helping that turkey get to his mae!

Layla is a cutie with or without smiles. I think all kids sometimes when they do not want their pictures taken.

Love the truck show pictures. Griffin would LOVE that bright yellow "monster truck"!