Friday, September 18, 2009

Layla Fix

Okay, so here is your weekly Layla fix. We had to take Scott to Bartow (our county seat) to take care of some things. Well we had to wait for an hour, so Grampy took us to a playground there. Who cares that it was raining, we went, we played, we had a good time. Even Nana and Scotty got on the swings for a little while (sorry no pictures, no one else knows how to work the camera I guess). This playground was nice in that it had a Tot playground for the littlest ones and a regular playground away from the little guys for the bigger kids. Of course Layla doesn't care as long as she can play.

Climbing the Jungle Gym.

Another crazy ladder to climb.

Crossing the bridge. Uncle Scott played on this with her for a little bit. He would make it bounce while she was crossing. She loved it.

And her sliding down the slide. I can't believe I got this picture. It was pure luck that this one came out as clear as it did. Look at that face.

Grampy checking things out.

Uncle Scott watching Layla play.

After the playground and getting Uncle Scott's stuff taken care of, it was back to the house for some band practice. Here's Layla watching her daddy play. For those of you who are on FaceBook, you have probably seen the same pics already. Plus there is a cute video of Layla dancing.

Layla and Daddy goofing in the kitchen.


Missy's Blog said...

I love that ya'll went to the playground in the rain. That's just so "you"!

I wish our playgrounds had those soft turf things like the ones in FL do. That would be SO nice!

Bonnie said...

Not all of them have the soft turf stuff. We went to one on Lake Martha last week and it had mulch. Layla likes to take her shoes off, so we had to find another playground.

Granny Annie said...

Do you let her have strawberry ice cream for breakfast? Ron always let the grand kids have that because he said it's a bowl of milk and fruit. LOL You guys sound like you have the spoiling business down patl

Brenda Eason said...

I think it so amazing how this little sweetie has changed your life. I can just see the glow in your words as you talk about her.
so happy for you!

Susie Q said...

She is a doll baby. That red hair and those beautiful eyes...I would have no choice but to spoil her rotten! : )