Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bok Tower and Gardens

We went to Bok Tower and Gardens on the 17th. I have been meaning to get this post done since then but have been busy, tired and lazy. I am just going to post pictures and make a few comments. I feel terrible that I'm being such a bad blogger. Hopefully I can catch up soon. But you all know this is the time of year that everyone is busy, busy with holidays. Anyways, enjoy the pictures. I will post the history on this beautiful Polk County Estate in the future.

Scott in front of the Tower.

Looking up the tower.

Some shots of the ornamentation on the tower and the beautiful brass door.

The Tower has/is(?) a Carrillion which is a piano that plays bells. This is Hut and Scott standing in front of a cut out of the largest bell there.

Koi fish in the pond in front of the Tower.

They have a couple of swans there, too.

This is one view from the top of the hill that the tower is on. This sight is going to be extinct soon. It's an orange grove. Most orange groves have been sold and replaced by empty houses, apartment and shopping centers. I believe it's because the children who have inherited these groves are lazy and just want the money. Only my opinion.

Scott in front of the BIGGEST Elephant Ears I've ever seen.

Some random shots of some of the beautiful plants and flowers at the Tower

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Missy's Blog said...

Just beautiful Bonnie ... you have taken some awesome pictures!

I've only been to Bok Tower once (can you believe that??).

So glad you had a good time!