Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gingerbread houses and......

Liz bought the cutest kit to build mini gingerbread houses. It was supposed to be a project for her and Scott. Well we all know how men are and Liz ended up doing the village herself.
Here's Liz piecing one of the houses together.
Caught red handed licking her fingers.
Icing the houses.
Some decorating going on here.

The finished products. I believe there were more houses to build but I think Liz and the dogs ate them, lol.

Look it's Santa, the Mrs. and Scott D'Elf.

Gangsta Pose! We went to State Farm and had Liz take some photos after our first event the other night. State Farm always has this beautiful tree in the atrium.


Susie Q said...

You all are so cute!! I know you had fun!!


PEA said...

Liz did a great job with the gingerbread houses...I really miss making those when my boys were little. Just not as much fun to make them now! lol

I just love those Santa pictures, how awesome!! xoxo