Sunday, December 6, 2009

Scott's firepit

Scott has been dying to build and use a fire pit. We had some fire resistant blocks that he scrounged up and built a "redneck" fire pit. The other night after the cold rain it was perfect for a fire.
Scott really made it a redneck fire by pulling out the seat of his truck to sit on.
Bailey has joined Scott in enjoying the fire.Not one to be outdone, Molly is now enjoying the fire with Scott.
Hut finally makes his way to the warmth.
Here's Hut giving Liz a hard time about ALABAMA beating the Gators in football.


Brenda Eason said...

Looks like fun to me!Im from the country and any fire is a good fire. Love Huts shirt I wanted that one =0

Cecile said...

We love our firepit too and have had so many awesome family times around the fire:)I love your big babies laying in Scott's lap::)

PEA said...

I'll bring some marshmallows to roast over that fire! hehe Looks like a pretty nice firepit to me and there really is nothing more cozy than sitting by a fire on a cool night. xoxo