Thursday, December 24, 2009

Project Outreach

I posted a News Chief article about this event earlier. We do this event every year and it's one of our favorites. I just wanted to share some more photos now that I can upload photos. I am going to just put the photos out in the order of how we visited their houses.This was our first stop. These children were so excited and grateful. The youngest boy even gave Mrs. Claus a mood ring. It's the first gift she's ever received and she is going to cherish it.Our second stop produced two really shy children. Single mom household and she's had two heart surgeries recently. You will see on the counter top that Mom baked us some Cinnamon buns. YUMMY!!!Our next stop was a family with 5 children. Our next stop was in Auburndale, which was the next town over. This was the picture that was in the newspaper. This little girl lost both her parents within a year and now is living with her grandparents.This family was also mentioned in the newspaper. The woman is taking care of her children and her brother's children while the men try to find work.Another family with quite a few children. These children were so happy to see us. It just fills your heart with joy.This was a hard family to visit. They had lost their toddler just a month ago. Someone had accidently backed over the baby. It's hard to explain all the feelings going through you for something like that. I could not image what it would be like to lose a baby, especially at this time of year.This family is just a little down on their luck. Hopefully the New Year will get them back on their feet.This was our last stop and it was kind of funny. The police department contacts the parents numerous times before the event. Well they could not get a hold of the mom, they just spoke to the oldest son all the time. He failed to let his mom know we were coming so she was REALLY surprised! But she was so happy! It is so worth it every year to bring some joy to families who would have little or nothing.

This is a token photo of Scott posing with some of WHPD's finest. Without these men and many other officers, this event would not take place.

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