Friday, January 29, 2010

Rossi.....Day 2

You all know how much I love my sweet Layla. Who would have thought that precious little Rossi would make me burst at the seams with so much love. She is my sweet little angel. I can't even find words to describe the emotions I am feeling. I haven't even seen Layla since Rossi was born. But cute story from Mom and Dad. All of Layla's cousins are younger than her, so they've all been babies to her. When she first saw Rossi, she said "There's my baby cousin". When she was corrected and told it was her baby sister, she kind of went into shell shock. She thought her baby sister was her momma's belly, lol. Well once she got to hold Rossi, she wouldn't let anyone else. That's her baby sister and she's not sharing, lol.
Doesn't Diana look wonderful? They took all her IV's out and she hasn't had any pain meds since. This woman is awesome and we just love her.
Here's Daddy with Rossi. Wade is so good with her. She is spoiled rotten already. I wish I had taken a picture of him when he first came out with her right after she was born. He was just glowing and proud as a peacock.
Here's Grampy holding her. This man is amazing with kids. I really wish sometimes we would have had a baby together. He loves Layla and spoils her, now Rossi is going to be just as spoiled.
A close up.
Uncle Gotty is in awe.
He is so proud of his niece. Just look at his face.
Isn't she just so sweet?
She is such a content baby. She doesn't care who holds her.
Rossi's telling Nana stories.
Grampy busted in the act!
We had such a wonderful visit. We are going to give them some time to get home and get settled in and then we will go back for another visit. We are hoping that the family gets to come home today. If not, for sure on Saturday.


PEA said...

Woohooooo, congratulations grandma:-) Rossi is absolutely adorable and oh, how I enjoyed looking at all her sweet pictures. That little girl will be well loved, there`s no doubt about that! hehe I`m just so thrilled for all of you and yes, your DIL looks wonderful for having just had a baby. I so wish I had pictures of my own grandbaby to share but I`m still not receiving any. Enjoy this little miracle to the fullest:) xoxo

Brenda Eason said...

Looks like this little one will have plenty to love and hold her! she is so pretty and mom lookd great.