Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Welcome...........Rossi Jean

Need I say more????? Of course I do. Rossi was born at 6:24pm 1/27/2010. She weighed in at 7lbs 4oz and she's 19 inches long. Diana's surgery was later than we thought and by the time she would have gotten out of recovery visiting hours would be over. So we couldn't see Rossi for more than a couple of minutes tonight. But that was enough. I got to hold my precious new granddaughter.Here is Rossi's first picture.
They bring the baby out long enough for family to see and then take them back to their moms in recovery. The nurse said it was okay to take some pictures, so I have a couple to share.

A close up shot. Isn't she just the most beautiful baby you've ever seen? I think so.Nana holding her precious Rossi. She wasn't too happy at first but then she settled right down. She is so beautiful.Diana's sister Jessie was there too. She also got to hold the baby. No one else really wanted to. Hut and Scott said she was too little right now. Not sure why Liz didn't want to. You better believe me when I say me and Jess definitely wanted to hold the baby.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Rossi. I enjoyed sharing her with you. We are going back to visit her tomorrow so you know I will be getting more pictures to share.


Anonymous said...

One proud NANA I would say......

Granny Annie said...

Looks like the two of you were made for each other. Congratulations Grandma! Oh yes, and Wade and Diana too. LOL Has Layla seen her new sister yet?

Bonnie said...

Yes, Layla saw her sister last night. I was not there though. I'm not exactly sure what her reaction was. I will keep you posted.

Brenda Eason said...

Bonnie im so proud. You have just stepped into a new walk in life and will never be the same!
Your hospital must be strict!!!!
As long as it is a baby they let us stay and I even went into recovery and held Angel and helped mom breast feed the first time. wow