Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I was able to get my Sea World photos to upload so that you can see them. However, here where you type, they are all still words that are running together so I can't explain what each one is. I hope you enjoy the photos anyways and if you want to know what one is about, let me know and I'll try to explain it. I hope this issue with blogger gets fixed soon.

Okay, after posting this and thinking about it...I have found a way to explain the photos. The top photo is number one and we go all the way to 13. However, 13 is actually the first photo we took and number one is the last. Anyways, hopefully you can understand.

1.& 2. Liz and Rossi. Isn't Liz a natural?
3. Layla making a face with chocolate on it. Grampy couldn't finish his cake and gave it to Layla.
4. Nana, Rossi and Daddy.
5. Nana and Rossi.
6. Layla playing the drums.
7. Daddy, Mommy and Layla on the spinning ride.
8. Layla wrapped up and looking like an EWOK after we got splashed at the Shamu Show.
9. Every time we go somewhere, someon always has to take a shot of my butt. Usually I'm walking with Layla, but this time I'm walking with Diana.
10. The 4 of us who sat in the Splash Zone at the Shamu Show. All Layla wanted to do was see Shamu and get wet. Well we accomplished both at the same time.
11. Wade walking around with Rossi.
12. Layla whispering that she wants some candy. We got her cotton candy...ewwww...she wouldn't eat it...she didn't like the texture, lol.
13. Rossi on her first trip to Sea World.


Granny Annie said...

Everyone looks so happy. Proud parents, grandparents and darling sister. Rossi is probably just amazed at all the loving arms that surround her!

Missy's Blog said...

Bonnie ... I love all the pictures ... it's like we were there with you. I'm so glad you go to spend some time with Jerome, your boys, their girls and the grandaughters.