Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happier News!

Scott and Liz at the lighting of the lights in Lakeland, December, 2009.

Yesterday I blogged about how worried I am about my husband's health. That is still a BIG concern for me. But yesterday via FaceBook I found out that my son Scott and his girlfriend Liz had decided that they were getting married and set a date. I love Liz. Both of my boys have done very well finding wonderful women to settle down with. And that dear ol' mom can get along with, lol. The tentative date right now is March 26, 2011. At least they gave me more notice than Wade and Diana. The plus is that Liz's family also loves Scott. They know his whole situation with the law and still they love him. As a matter of fact, he is going to be in Liz's Mom's wedding this weekend. We are very happy to welcome Liz into our family.
Here's Liz and Scott trying to be Santa & Mrs. C. Aren't they just cute?
Here they are just before St. Patty's day! They were going to the Strawberry Festival.


Missy's Blog said...

This is such happy news ... congratulations Scott & Liz.

PEA said...

Well, that certainly is great news:-) Congratulations to them and I do wish them all the happiness in the world!! I'm so glad you get along well with the girls...I didn't get a chance to get to know my DIL before my son married her but I sure know what she can be like now!! LOL Maybe it's a good thing they don't live near! hehe xoxo

Brenda Eason said...

Great news Bonnie in s happy for you all.

Cecile said...

Congrats Scott and Liz!!!First of all Liz is gonna have a rockin' MIL and Bonnie I am so happy for you:) You lucked up w/2 great Daughter In Laws:)
Hmmm...Maybe some more little ones will get next:)

Bonnie said...

No more little ones for awhile, thanks, lol. Not that I wouldn't love them, but we need to take a break here.