Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Joe's Crab Shack

Saturday, since all the kids were gone, Hut and I went riding towards Osceola County, checking out yard sales and just enjoying some time together. All that riding around made us hungry. Joe's Crab Shack was calling my name ( and Hut's too evidently).
This is what I got...been dying to try it.....Joe's Classic Steam Pot. It has Alaskan Snow Crab legs, Dungeness Crab legs, shrimp, potoes, an ear of corn and a smoked sausage. Yeah I don't get the whole sausage thing either. Hut got the fried fisherman's platter which had fried cod, shrimp and scallops, hushpuppies and french fries.
Here I am waiting to dive in. I'm trying to supress a yawn, which is why I have that look on my face.Getting to the good stuff. This had to be the best seafood I have ever eaten. I can't wait to go back.I thought this was funny. They had suitcases covered in crabs hanging all over the ceiling. Some were small, others large. Of course this one was a "large case of crabs".
Since we were so close to the grandbabies we decided to pay a visit. Here's sweet Layla. This seems to be her pose lately.
And here's my chubby baby Rossi. She looks just like here daddy. He was a chubbo just like she is. And if you put baby pictures side by side, they could be twins. She is so precious.


Missy's Blog said...

I love Joe's Crab Shack too ... we've visited one right out of Washington, DC. See ... when ya'll come to visit we can go there for dinner after we see the sites in DC.

I'm so glad you had such a nice time out with Jerome.

The girls are just darling ... they are so lucky to have such great grandparents in you and Jerome.

Cecile said...

I love your bib it is so cute:)The food looks yummy!!I am glad that You and Hut got to spend some special time together:)