Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bark in the Park and Nature

Friday night, they had an event where people could bring their dogs to social, race and vendors were set up with pet goods. We went last year with Max and Molly. This year we just took Molly. She was a nervous wreck. Although we have 5 dogs, we don't really take them anywhere else where they can get aquainted with other dogs. So we didn't stay very long and honestly we didn't get many pictures. But there were literally hundreds of dogs there...all shapes and sizes. The event is called Bark in the Park. The highlight of the event are the Daschund Races.

Here are some of the Daschunds getting ready to race.

Poor Molly. It was so HOT! She wanted to stay on the fountain and walk through the jets, lol.

Saturday morning I worked for another employee. You all know how much I love driving around the location because there is always some kind of wildlife. Well this was my first....a hitchhiker...a grasshopper. He stayed on the passenger window a good while.
While driving around I saw the sun reflect off of something in the grass. It was this Painted Turtle. She was leaving the pond. I turned her around because I didn't want her to fall of the curb and end up upside down. I knew I needed to keep checking though, because I had a feeling she was on a mission.
And I was right. I found her a little while later in the parking lot. It was really hot and she was headed towards the orange groves. I figured she was heading there to lay some eggs. So I picked her up and carried her to the gate at the grove. There was just enough room under the gate for her to fit. Once I put her down and she realized I wasn't going to bother her anymore she hauled butt into the grove.
Then I saw this little guy. It's a baby Sandhill Crane. Not sure where his parents were. But he is a cutey.
Right as the shift was changing and I was getting ready to go home....this HUGE bird flew in front of the car and landed in a tree. It was a turkey. Here she is in the tree.
She decided to get out of the tree and find some snacks. I really am blessed to work at such a great place.

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Missy's Blog said...

Love all the nature pictures! It's wonderful you get to experience so many things while working. Bett shared you were published again in the News Chief ... you didn't tell "us".

Wyatt used to get nervous when we would take him out ... so I know how Molly was feeling. Glad you went though and spent some time!