Friday, May 21, 2010

Nature Walk

You all know I have been trying to walk again. And the South Lake Howard Nature Walk is my favorite place. A week ago Sunday I was there and there was many different types of wildlife and don't you know...I didn't have my camera. Well I've been carrying my camera every since and only catching a few things here and there. I do have a camera on my phone, so once I figure out how to use it I won't have to carry my camera all the time.

As long as I've lived in Florida you would think I'd be used to gators...nope...they fascinate me to no end. This little guy was by himself in the small pond.

And the rabbits have been coming out more. I saw this guy as I was starting my walk.

And this guy on the other side of the trail as I was ending my walk. You can tell it was getting dark by then.

This photo was taken at my job location. You all know there is a ton of wildlife there too. This Sand Hill Crane was checking himself out in the window that is opposite my window. Oh how I love having a window view on the first floor.

Bill, my co worker, took this photo of a soft shelled gopher turtle crossing the road to the pond.Another shot. I love the mossy stuff he has on his back. The pictures do not show how big he really is.

I love nature and I'm so glad I get to see so much of it. But as time goes one and more shopping centers and housing developments get built that know one is going to use...the more nature has to find new places to live and undeveloped land is running out. I wish our government officials who approve developement would look at these photos and see what they are destroying.

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Missy's Blog said...

I lived in Florida for 37 years and I'm still fascinated with alligators too! I'm hoping we'll be able to walk with you and Griffin will get to see a gator.

You know ... most people don't know that gophers are turtles. They think of the little furry creatures. But gopher turtles ... yes indeed they do exist!

Again ... loving your pictures!