Sunday, June 13, 2010

Old Town

A couple of Saturdays ago we went to Old Town. Old Town is a "shopping center'' based on the old " cobblestone Main Street" days. On Saturday nights they have a classic car show and cruise. The Saturday night we chose to go just happened to be the 20th anniversary. It was so busy and it was VERY HOT!!!!!. Scott went with us ( Liz had to work) and Wade, Diana and the girls met up with us. Scott's friends Matt and Nicole also met up with us. It's kind of a central meeting place between St. Cloud and Winter Haven. Here is Daddy trying to make Rossi giggle.
She's thinking about it.
Rossi trying to figure out what Grampy is, lol.
Nana got Rossi to giggle.
Nana and Rossi playing some more.
Rossi is such a happy baby.
Layla didn't even know Nana took this picture. You can tell how miserable hot it is just by looking at her face.
My handsome hunk of a husband.
His goofy side. He was imitating some of the kids who think they are so "gansta".
A face only a mother could love ( yeah right). Uncle Gotty being goofy, too. Must have been the heat.
One of the shops had some cardboard things that you could use for photo ops. Here's Layla escaping with Stitch.

Rossi trying to escape to. Had to be the heat.
Layla on Mission Space. I love how she made a face to match the other two faces.
Here are some photos of some cars that were there. I'm not sure how many were there that night but the cruise took 2 1/2 hours for all the cars to cruise. It's usually only 45 minutes to an hour.
This car probably at one time ran moonshine. How exciting. And moonshine cars are actually how NASCAR started.
I'm not real educated in cars, but this one was cool in that some of the engine components were painted to match the exterior of the car. I tried to get a picture to show that.
This picture doesn't do this truck justice. This truck had the longest front end I have ever seen in my life. If I had an extra $64,000 laying around I would have bought it. Yes, I said $64,000, with 3 zeros. It is a beautiful truck.
I took pictures of this vehicle because my husband and his friend Daryll made up an imaginary band a few years back and called it the Possum Band. No one played...they just talked a good story, lol. When I saw this I just had to take a picture for the "band". I wish I had taken more photos but I would have filled a months worth of blogs with all the vehicles that were there.


Granny Annie said...

My goodness that Rossi is growing by leaps and bounds. The picture of Layla in the space shuttle is too precious.

PEA said...

Both girls are just so darn adorable, makes me want to come over there and give them big squishy hugs:-) Loved seeing all of your pictures from your day goodness, I don't know how anyone can stand that kind of heat. Anything over 75F and I melt! lol Aren't those trucks/cars just so fabulous?! I always enjoy going to car shows and seeing all the entries. xoxo