Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Computer Problems

Once again my computer is being a putz. Yes, a putz. Hopefully my husband's friend Brenda (who is a computer whiz, thank you) will be able to look at it and figure out what's wrong. It constantly freezes up. I spend hours waiting to do anything on the computer anymore. Took me 3 days of trying off and on just to post a video of my Molly. So please bear with me. I have not forgotten ya'll. I wll do a post as soon as I am able to from somewhere other than work. Shhhh, I think the boss is listening. Gotta go. Love you all!!!

1 comment:

PEA said...

Oh noooo, not computer problems!! Sigh. I do hope your friend is able to repair whatever is wrong with it. Let us know when you're up and running again:-) xoxo