Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mother Nature at it's Best and Worst

We have a family of Sandhill Cranes that come by work everyday. Here's momma, daddy and the baby all the way on the left.
Same family...different pose. They almost look fake.
I call these guys the "Death Squad". They hang around ALOT! And always from the light posts. Kinda creepy, like they are just waiting for their next meal. Silly me, they probably are, lol.This is an old metal igloo cooler that I found at a flea market a couple of years ago. I thought I'd be slick and make it into a planter. I used fake flowers and as you can tell, they are all faded. Anyway, the purpose of showing you this is the next picture.
You really can't tell but if you look really close inside the lid....there is a bird's nest in there. Yep, there is. It's a small brown bird, not sure what type. I can't believe the bird built it so close to the house, especially right by the front door. We go in and out constantly and the dogs run around and bark. But the bird seems content there. I had thought I saw a small brown bird fly from there the other day. Scott told me yesterday not to touch the cooler. I thought it was because it was hot. Him and Liz told me there was a bird's nest in there. Now I'm going to be very protective of it. Can't wait to see how many babies we have.

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Sue said...

Hey Bonnie..
just stopped by to check out what's new with you and yours. I have sparodick internet access untill the 23rd. Are ya gettin any help with that road yet?