Thursday, July 8, 2010

No Money

That's the reason my road is a mess. No money to finish the job. It's a county job. How can the county not have enough money to finish the job???? Well it's time to call newspapers and news stations. That's what I'm going to do. Or at least that's what I was going to do. We just got a call from the paving company and they said the county paid them the money they were owed. I still haven't seen any activity on my street. This all happened on Thursday and now it's Saturday. If nothing happens on Monday, then I am calling all the media that I can get a hold of. It's really ridiculous. The only thing saving us now is no rain. The road isn't half bad when there is no rain. Of course that doesn't help us with our transmission. The paving company did say if we go to a transmission shop and get a statement that says the road was the reason for the transmission being messed up, then they would pay for it. I am thinking about pursuing that avenue. I know Liz is....she hasn't even paid off her car yet. So that's all I have for now. Everyone enjoy your weekend. I'm spending my Saturday at work.

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PEA said...

Having to work today? No fun!! I'm glad to hear that the county finally paid the paving company and hopefully they'll start paving by Monday. If they don't, then I would call the media for sure. It's beyond ridiculous that your road has been like that for so many months. The county never should have started the road work if the money wasn't there to pay for it...good old bureaucracy. Ugh! xoxo