Monday, March 21, 2011

Nature at work....again!

You all know how much I love the building where I work. Especially if I have the chance to work over the weekend. There is so much nature out there to enjoy and I don't know if it was because of the full moon but there was alot of nature going on Saturday. I'm so glad that I always think to take my camera with me on weekends that I work. The majority of my time when I work weekends is away from my desk. I am usually in a vehicle driving around the building making sure the perimeter is secure. So that gives me lots of opportunity to be at one with Mother Nature.
The first thing I saw on my rounds was the beautiful full moon getting ready to set. It was absolutely gorgeous.My first actual breathing contact with Mother Nature was this raccoon down by the pond. I was actually sitting in my car and my lens zoomed in far enough to catch this little guy. The raccoons are sooooo cute. I actually saw a Momma raccoon with two little babies but I couldn't get a picture of them. The babies looked like kittens. I just wanted to bring them home.
Next on my rounds was this Painted Turtle. He was on his way to the pond. See him smiling for the camera???I saw this squirrel and another one chasing each other around the trees. Got them to stop long enough for a couple of photos.
Here is the other player in the game of squirrel tag.
For some reason there was only one Sandhill Crane out. Usually there are close to twenty during the course of the day.
Another raccoon. This one is very friendly. Comes right up to the car. Loves Cheez-its.
Another turtle as well. Not a great picture. This one was in it's "teenage" years judging by it's size. Wasn't too small....wasn't too big.
The turkeys were out ALL day! Surprising considering turkey season opened on Saturday. Guess they know they can't be hunted on this property. These four always hang together. They are all Toms. The hens are all sitting on eggs.
This one was the least skittish of them all. He pretty much let me pull up to him and take a close up shot. As you can tell, they are all young toms.
Lastly, a couple of shots of another turtle. I actually think this is the first turtle I took a photo of earlier in the day. The first one had moss all over it and so does this one. And this one had come from the other side of the pond, so I think he just went for an extremely long walk.

A shot of the turtle heading off to wherever it is he or she is heading.


Granny Annie said...

Love each of these photos. Wish you actually knew if the mossy turtle was one turtle.

Brenda Eason said...

AWWW I love any type animal.Yes im glad we have FB.