Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wedding Prep

Friday was a day spent prepping for the BIG wedding on Saturday. Everyone chipped in to help.

One of the food items on the reception menu was my Cap'n Crunch chicken. Scott crushed the cereal for me, which, I believe was the hardest job of the day. I also made deviled eggs, potato salad and a pasta salad. While I was out shopping for last minute food ingrediants, Liz baked all the cupcakes for her wedding.And she baked a small heart shaped cake for her cake topper. Liz & Scott decided that cupcakes were the way to go instead of the traditional wedding cake. Once I post wedding pictures, you will be able to see what a great idea that was.The building where Liz and Scott got married had a full kitchen so the night before we brought over some of the food we had already prepped because I had no room in my fridge. When we got there the kids had already had most of the place decorated. Here is a shot of the tables being set.I have better shots of the table decorations in the wedding pictures. Liz made these all herself. The wire flower holders look like vintage dresses and she made the smaller flower arrangements next to it. And yes, I got to keep one of each.

A close up of the smaller table arrangements.

Here's the proud "father" of the groom supervising.

Liz and Scott's table.

Scott and Shannon (one of the bridesmaids) hanging flowers for the alter.

The girls taking a well deserved break....Shannon on the left, Mavy in the background, Liz in the gator shirt and Brittany with her back to us.

Liz goofing with the decorations.

Liz's cousins hanging decorations.

Scott, Matt (the best man) and Roy (one of the groomsmen) trying to talk Scott into flying to Las Vegas.

Matt still trying to get Scott to "run".

Roy trying to stay out of trouble.

Liz and Scott deciding if they like the arch or not.

Matt and Roy redoing the archway.

Brittany and Scott "fighting" about something.

And Scott wins by carrying Brittany out the door.


Granny Annie said...

Every corner seems filled with joy!

Missy's Blog said...

All that hard work paid off with such a beautiful wedding! Liz and Scott are very lucky to have such a wonderful family and friens to help them out. Again ... LOVE it all!!!