Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rossi Jean

Nope you're not confused. This is Layla. Isn't she a little beauty? I thought I'd share Layla with you first because you're probably gonna get tired of seeing Rossi, lol.

Rossi Jean has learned to stick her tongue out for comic effect. I thought she was so cute doing it last Saturday that I took a bunch of pictures. Yeah, I know, typicial Nana. Just bear with me because these are sooooo cute, lo. Sticking her tongue out at Grampy. Just sticking her tongue out while she's looking around. Playing with her tongue.

I'm cute hanging sideways in my stroller, sticking out my tongue

This is her "mean sticking out tongue" look, lol.

I'm sure by now you're tired of seeing Rossi and her tongue. I just thought she was so dang cute doing this the other night. Thanks for letting me share.


Granny Annie said...

Thanks for showing Layla too. Oh your are a nutty Nana with your series of Rossi Jean and her tongue.

Missy's Blog said...

Look at that cute tongue sticker outer ... such beautiful grandaughters (and nieces!)

PEA said...

How can anyone get tired of looking at these gorgeous little girls:-) I can't get over how big Layla is getting, what a cutie she is. As for Rossi, isn't it hilarious when they discover parts of their body? lol Wonder if she can touch her nose with her tongue?? hehe xoxo