Friday, July 22, 2011

Missing Layla

Layla has been visiting with her biological father for 6 weeks. 6 WEEKS!!!!! That's a long time not to see Layla. The WHOLE family is waiting for her to come home. She will be coming home tomorrow night. After Church on Sunday we are going to having a welcome home party for her. We are all so excited about her coming home. I am just going to try to share some pictures of Layla and they are in no particular order. Enjoy!

Layla at Cousin Tony and Tarah's Wedding July 2009.
Layla watching the dolphins at Seaworld 2010.

Layla with her own pumpkin October 2009.

Layla at the playground in Winter Haven 2009.

Nana and Layla with faces painted 2009.

Mommy and Layla 2009

Layla and Daddy sharing a milkshake Christmas 2009.

Layla at Diana's stepsisters wedding 2009.

Layla at Rossi's 1st birthday party...she wants the camera 2011.

Layla at Bass Pro Shop looking for Grampy who always seems to get lost 2009.

Layla with a pumpking she carved with Daddy Jake 2009.

Layla the first time we met. May 2009.

Layla 2008


Layla at DQ 2009.

Layla on the carousel at Seaworld 2009.

Layla's face painted at the Osceola County Fair February 2010.

Layla with Daddy and Mommy at Old Town 2009.

Layla playing drums at Seaworld 2009.

Layla and Daddy coloring at Kool Kats, Old Town 2009.

Layla and Daddy riding the Carousel at Downtown Disney 2009.

Layla waiting for Daddy's band Under The Empire to play 2009.

Layla riding her bike home from Grammy's 2011.

Layla Batgirl Halloween 2009.

Layla at Uncle "Gotty" and Aunt "Wiz"'s wedding 2011.

Daddy and Layla at Layla's 3rd birthday party 2009.

Layla ready to box at the baby shower 2010.

My favorite picture of Wade and Layla taken at Seaworld 2009. Looks like the fish is kissing Layla.

Layla ready for the wedding 2011.

Layla helping Mommy at the babyshower 2010.

Layla hanging 10 at Universal CityWalk 2010.

Layla playing at Clearwater Beach 2010.

Another fave picture of Layla taken at Old Town 2009.

Layla jammin' to Daddy's band in Ybor City 2009.

Layla riding the horse at Fat Boys 2010.

Layla on a hot, hot night at Old Town 2009.

Layla cooling off at Seaworld 2010.

Layla playing drums at Seaworld 2009.

Layla sitting on Santa's lap. She has no idea who this really is, lol. 2009

Layla, Old Town 2011. Boy we sure do go to Old Town alot, lol.

Layla all gangsta at Fuddruckers 2009.

Mommy and Layla being silly with hats at Downtown Disney 2009.

Layla at the playground 2009.

Uncle "Gotty" and Layla Downtown Disney 2009.

Layla the painted princess. Downtown Disney 2009.

Layla having fun at the Osceola County Fair 2010.

Layla after playing "makeup" with Nana 2009.

Layla at the Strawberry Festival 2010.

Mommy, Layla and Daddy Christmas 2009.

Layla watching fireworks 2009.

Cool Layla with her new sister Rossi 2010.

Layla and olives 2009.

Layla and her ears that Daddy made her because she wouldn't listen, lol. 2009.

I sure do miss Layla.


Granny Annie said...

I'm betting she is going to look like she has grown six inches in six weeks. Know you'll be glad to have her home again. Bet her little sister will be glad to see her too.

Missy's Blog said...

I know how much you have miss this beautiful, bright and shiny sweet girl. We missed seeing her when we were in FL too. I know it's going to be one heck of a welcome home party for her! Give her a hug from Aunt Missy!!