Thursday, July 7, 2011

Random Thoughts

Today is just a day of random thoughts. Like Casey Anthony will probably be walking the streets of Orlando at some point today.....a woman who got away with murder. I saw a quote this morning about the missing timeline. If you don't pay your light bill after 31 days, you have no electricity. If you don't pay your water bill, after 31 days, you have no water. If you have a child missing for 31 days, you get to walk free. Makes you think, doesn't it. Alot of people are upset with the verdict, but it is all said and done. And now Casey will get rich and she can even admit she did kill Caylee and she won't have to do any time. Very sad. I am trying to see it from the jurors perspective, but I still am having a hard time with an innocent little girl having to give up her life so her mom( and I use that term loosely) can live the "good life".

Another thing I have been thinking about today is family. I have always considered myself a family person. I LOVE having get togethers with family. When Hut and I first got married our house was the "go to" house. The one everyone got together at. Brothers, sisters, in-laws, out-laws, cousins. Once my father in law and my parents passed away all that stopped. My husband's family had a falling out that lasted darn near 10 years. Now they are speaking again. But my family did the same thing. I can't tell you the last time my family got together. My brothers don't speak to me at all. My one sister and I talk but not often and I do send my oldest sister a Christmas card and sometimes a letter during the year with family updates. Now my boys are grown and it's their turn. Wade and Diana seem to have the "go to" house now. As for Liz and Scott, once they get settled on their own, I'm sure their's will be a "go to" house too. I sure to miss time with my family(brothers and sisters) but I am sure enjoying the new memories with my sons and their families.

And I am also thinking about FB. It there really that much drama in the world or only on FB. And I know I've made my share of "dramatic" comments. I do love FB, though. All my blogger friends are there and I can keep up with them in real time. Plus I've found friends and reconnected with people I hadn't seen in many, many years. And I can keep up with long distance family members and have even become friends with some of my second and third cousins that I have never met! Technology is amazing.

I have other random thoughts in my head, but just bits and pieces. So I will save those for another day.


Granny Annie said...

Bonnie, this is such a great post. That 31 day deal was fantastic and so true. Yes, our place used to be the "go to" house and sometimes I really miss that. It is easier not to be, but it was so much fun being grand central station.

Susie Q said...

I fully understand so much of this sweetie...Bill's brother often only speaks to us when he *wants* something, like money which he doesn't repay no matter how much time he is given or how many chances. His wife doesn't *like* us...never a real reason given. It causes us pain, especially for Bill as this is his only sibling, but there it is. Then my brother and SIL just divorced. Broke my heart...the family is not what it once was so I make a family from close friends. Grace has so many *aunts and uncles* she can't count them all. Danny always says he knows who he can count on and that is usually a friend we have mde into family!
My house is still the go to one but that is because we don't have much family! Mom is not well enough to have the holidays and my brother lives with they all come here with my nephew. We have lots of cousins but they all live away from here. Wish we could see them all more!

I too love FB for the friends and family it has broyght me close to...I love seeing you there!