Monday, October 24, 2011

What a weekend!

Busy, busy weekend for me and Hut. He is doing really well now and he really enjoys getting out so much more. So that's what we do. Saturday we spent the day shopping. Layla's birthday is coming up soon (November 1). Her party is on the 5th of November so we thought we'd better get her shopping done now. Next weekend is all the Halloween events so I knew we wouldn't have time then. And this cool weather just makes me want to shop for Christmas too. Needless to say we probably spent too much money, lol. We did find what we wanted to get Layla for her birthday, so I'm glad that's done. We also found a few things to get her for Christmas. And then there are those things you buy for the grandkids "just because". So hopefully we will see them soon because we bought Layla and Rossi some "just because" gifts that they really need NOW. And I have come up with some really good gift ideas for the other family members for Christmas. So that will help on future shopping endevours.

On Sunday we went to a mini truck show in Clearwater with Scott and Liz. Scott is petitioning to join a truck club called Freaks of Nature. He goes to alot of shows to support his club and we go as much as we can to support the club too. The event this past weekend was to help raise money for a fallen mini trucker. Courtney Halloway passed away a few month back and left a young family behind. He was a writer for Mini Truck magazine and he was a vital part of bringing mini trucking to Florida. He was an avid mini trucker back in the 1980's when no one even knew what mini truckin' was. All proceeds from the weekend show, 100%, went to Courtney's family. Scott was the "official" photographer for the event, using my camera or I would share photos with you. Most of the vehicles there were AWESOME! There were a few that were still under construction. There was even a young boy who took his little red wagon, lowered it like a mini truck, painted it green and put skulls all over it. Starting young. The group that put on this event actually awarded this young man a trophy for his wagon. That was just awesome. The mini truckin community is definitely family oriented and you can feel good about taking your children to their events. Hut and I enjoy going to them. Quaker Steak and Lube ( yes, Steak) is the restaurant that donated their parking spaces for this event. They also donated 15% of their sales to the event. There were also raffles and t-shirt sales. Another day i spent WAY too much money, lol. Oh and I tried to buy Scott a Christmas present while I was there, something Liz said he wanted. Don't you know he caught me in the act. So I just gave it to him, told him he wasn't getting anything else for Christmas. But of course, that won't be the case.

On the way home from the truck show we got a phone call from the long lost grandkids. They were visiting their grandmother who lives close to us. So we stopped at the house to pick up some goodies we had for them and headed out again for a visit with them. It did my husband good to see them. They are our grandchildren by his daughter. The kids were excited to see their Pop. So it was a great day all around. So how was your weekend?


PEA said...

I went shopping for my granddaughter's birthday gifts this past weekend:-) Lily's birthday is on Nov. 3rd so just two days after Layla's. We are going to see her next weekend when we go have lunch there before continuing on to spend the weekend with Corey & Kristen. I'll give her her Halloween treats and her Birthday gifts then:-)

The truck show you went to sounds like it was a fun time and such a wonderful way of raising money for that fallen mini trucker's family. xoxo

Granny Annie said...

This was the first I've heard of Hut's daughter and grandchildren. You've got more grandchildren than I knew about. Any pictures of the others? You sound like quite the spoiling couple of grands.

Bonnie said...

Annie, I'm sure I mentioned Alicia a few times, we have a very strained relationship. We usually only see the grandkids on Christmas Eve, long enough for them to open presents and then they're gone. It was good to see them other than Christmas, but Alairah is afraid of us, she really doesn't know us, so she would even stay in the room with us. She's 5. Charles visited with us the most. Alicia didn't even care that her dad had a stroke. And sorry to say, no pictures. She doesn't share any with us and I did not have my camera. So Hut and I do what we can with them, when we can.