Friday, October 21, 2011

Blogger is at it again

Okay so I don't always leave comments when I visit your blog. But if I have something to say, you know I will, lol. I left too loooooooong comments today on 2 of my blogger friend's blogs. And they are not there! Blogger has done this to me before and it is very frustrating. So Granny Annie and Pea....I'm sorry. I just can't remember all that I had written in the comments and am too frustrated right now to leave another one. Once I cool down I will be back and hopefully can be as witty as I thought I was earlier, lol. Okay, feel better now that I've vented. Thanks.


PEA said...

LOL you poor gal, Blogger can certainly get the blood pressure to rise! I've heard other people complain about their comments getting "eaten" so you're not alone. Nothing worse than typing out a long witty comment and then having it disappear. Almost worth "copying" it before you click publish just in case!! xoxo

Granny Annie said...

I am having a terrible time with comments this morning. My laptop gave out yesterday and I've been blaming our desktop pc but maybe that is coincidence and it is blogger at fault. Anyway I have opened a microsoft word page and copy my comments before I press "post" that way I've still got a lengthy comment (like this one) if blogger decides to eat the comment.